RDF & Capitalism

What? Are you being serious? You actually mean “hindered” as in “obstaculized”?

I have been perfectly able to find groups and organize to do dungeons during my leveling experience, I haven’t been obstaculized at all, and my experience has been fantastic, I actually felt like I was playing with players that use chat and not what could perfectly be bots.

Retail WoW.

Yes, it is for me.

Then the problem is the content and it should be tuned, don’t you think? I do.

I don’t understand what you mean with this. The Looking for Group tool Blizzard added? It’s a great adition and a very good replacement of RDF, the only thing it does is giving players a menu to look for others instead of having to go to a capital city and spam the chat, instead of doing everything automatically for them.

Do you know where’s near zero socialization? In retail, and you know what it has? Not only RDF but also a very watered down and burocratical leveling experience.


What achievments, dungeon completions?

No I meant hindered. Even without the 50% exp bonus you do not need to visit all of the zones, there are various types of quests that have no need to be completed and there is a ton of unused content in the form on dungeons. There are 21 dungeons in Vanilla.

Even if you don’t finish the zone the achievement tracks how many quests you did in the zone

Yeah, it’s extremely hindered if you want to play the game as Crash Bandicoot, where you have your hub, and you teleport into levels through portals.

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You haven’t in any of your post given any shred of hint that you have any experience playing this game.
It’s like you’re a mouthpiece of 2019 forum users opinions

Nothing I’ve said about my experience with this game has been a lie.


That’s me enjoying peak Lich King gameplay about a week ago.

No it sucks and everyone except classic era players can see it clearly. Actually even blizzard admited that the tool sucks in their own post:

We had tank priests, healer rogues and other combos, ppl started to actually write in the notes what they want to do. Also levels are outdated there. Level bracket sucks because if you sign as tank for a dung, you were not able to be summoned by a stone because those levels did not match stone levels etc. I deleted my Deadmines quest because why should I bother when I am not summoned as tank and moved onto next spell cleaving dungeon.

Good for you, I meant experience playing this game in 2004-2010

Easy solution to the spam dungeons RDF.

Put a cap on it per day.


LOL, I never said it is a perfect thing, and the only problem you point at is the tool working badly with role selection?

That’s it? What’s a very obvious thing that they should fix is why the game needs RDF?

What a joke.


A cap of 0 (zero) per day.

I don’t buy that the people against it are players of Classic

I can assure you I played extensively in WotLK as a death knight. I raided all the raids such as Vault of Archavon, the lava place with a dragon, Naxx until I had full tier 7.5 (I think it was), that cancerous Malygos raid where you fly on some mount, grinded the place with a bunch of minigames like jousting until I had the Forsaken Warhorse, did the Trial of the Crusader raid a bunch, did Ulduar 10/25 a bunch, and did some ICC a bit but not fully.

That’s also when I made my alt (holy priest) and dungeon-spammed it to max level. And I saw a bunch of others doing it too, and a couple of my friends did it as well. And yes, I didn’t see many people out in the world at all, which contributed to my decision to just screw it and keep on with the dungeon spam in addition to it just being very easy and convenient.

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True, I am a player of retail enjoying some of the (sadly) gameplay design that is gone.

And I want RDF removed from retail.

I don’t believe you and also if you did apparently dungeon spam to max level then obviously you didn’t see many people out in the world.

Alright, I know about all those places and things, and you don’t believe me. I guess I just looked it up in like 2 minutes on YouTube just now. Damn I’m good at going through videos. Or maybe I did it in my previous life, and the memories somehow persist? That’s some magical sh!t right there.

I frankly don’t care if you believe me. I saw what RDF did to the world, and that’s that.

Wotlk has been played constantly since Wotlk. I don’t care where you got that information from, there was nothing to it.
You come across to me as someone who joined WoW late, had fun and went to the forum one day and seen people calling your game bad and that it was better before and now you’re using that fermented salt as a means to act like this.

Lol, I’m enjoying this alternative narrative you’re coming up for me. What else did I do?

You should consider a career as a psychic or something. You’re clearly a natural at this totally not bullsh!tting.

It doesn’t really matter to me. You’ve made a lot of posts and all of them come across that way.

You do not know what you are saying. That is the problem. It is not perfect thing while RDF was. And not only roles but also lvl brackets and so on, learn to read.

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I am literally the smartest in this case though, it’s not my fault people choose to lie about their experience

Well I mean RDF can have an effect on people that nobody levels in an open world when everything is so easy with RDF. Problem is that this is happening even without RDF anyway.

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