RDF Dungeon Level Ranges

Any progammer can help me? I am a noob in this regard, but isn’t it a script, where you set the values, that control which dungeon you can access?
{Ragefire Chasms} acess
.>if =>15; =<21; true
.>if <15; >21; false

or something like that, and you can use even the Notepad to edit it. Maybe its a fine work, to go through many files, but it would be a good welcome task for a new employee, or intern to start their relationships with Blizzard.

You can as well, all I did was make a starter account on the same bnet account, level it to like 10 and then logging in and out of their forums a couple of times.

That said, asking them if they’re trolling on the bug report forum is likely just gonna get the post deleted cause that forum is heavily moderated.

+1 to this. Been leveling a tank and could only Q for one dungeon at 41, which is baffling.

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Obviously I didn’t mean to ask them first if they were trolling us :rofl:, just to put that example along with the rest that other people are presenting.

Thanks for the heads-up on how it is done though, much appreciated and I will probably get on with it during the weekend

Thankfully you can’t use a classic account to post over there since that requires a sub, but the starter account being levelled on retail means it’s done in like 30 mins or so so it’s not that much work.

I even made my US forum alt level 12 cause I just didn’t stop at 10 :smiley:

The new hotfix is apparently about the dungeon levels! I can’t wait to go and check it out tonight and start levelling some alts! Either way, it’s great to see that they at least aknowledge there was an issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s been fixed! I log in last night, and all the dungeons that reasonably should be are there! What an unexpected turn of events after that dismissive post!
Now I won’t sing Blizzards praises too much, since this should have been fixed on PTR, or at worst hours after launch, but still better late than never. Thanks.


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It’s getting kinda repetitive honestly.

Blizzard posts complete ignorance, community massively scolds them for it, randomly they go “oh yeah, we can fix this”.

Enjoy new bugs in RDF :slight_smile:

Not technically an RDF bug but a “feature” introduced specifically for classic that is, indeed, running counter to the RDF concept.

Go figure when you do some changes :wink:

OMG OMG… IT WORKS… I can’t believe it, I’m so happy :smiling_face_with_tear: I wish there was a “reason for coming back” one could write when starting up subscription again, I would write that this is it :star_struck: RDF here I come!

Did they make any post about it over there or was it just a silent fix?

There’s one fella who has been working silently on fixing a whole slew of RDF related bugs aside from this though, such as the box in HoR being unlootable, like this:

Which makes it even weirder that they’d go out and post “we see nothing wrong” because they clearly do and have for a while.

Imagine being the apologist idiot who said this was working properly and abused anyone who dared point out it was bugged. Lol.

They’re still digging their heels in and claiming this is now new to classic.

As evidenced above.

They’re not a smart crowd :stuck_out_tongue:

Either too young to have played the first time round or unable to check the numerous videos from private servers, the webpages and wiki of the time, or evidence all over from 13 years ago. Ah well these people are irrelevant now. Bug fixed.

Sadly, the change they made to xp gains specifically for classic is now affecting RDF dungeons where you don’t gain full xp if you’re only 5 levels apart, rather than the 10 it was originally.

But at least you can get your dungeon quests done as a lowbie now, baby steps and all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you telling me that you remember how it was at the time… yet like other apologists didn’t remember how the levels worked at the time? Begone troll. One bug fix at a time which is more than we’d get if people like you were in charge. But anyway none of this of course makes any difference to you does it? You still make your groups the best way by /1/2/w and walk to all the dungeons. Don’t worry about it.

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It seems like now the level ranges are fixed for dungeons but I keep getting put into them with people which are way higher level than me. As a level 21 paladin I just got put into a dungeon with a level 30 meaning you basically get no xp for most of the dungeon.

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