RDF Dungeon Level Ranges

Sad Blizz has not done anything about this. Queing for 1-2 dungeons is a pain

Another, quite frankly, ridiculous “bug” or “feature” that I discovered is that my lvl73 character has entirely lost UK normal from the list of dungeons BUT every single TBC dungeon above level 67 is still there as an option :rofl:

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To add to this, I tried entering an RDF on my 80 prot pala on one account and the 77 dk on the other, it would not let me! I don’t know what is the reason, also I only see 3 dungeons available for the DK. Message was “Palaname level is too high”.

So I guess entering manually to boost is ok. :person_shrugging:

There is a thread in the US “classic bug report” forum, about this. People are only seeing 1 or 2 dungeons, and cannot queue for dungeons that they are in level for. This thread has a blue response that they have been looking into this, and they see nothing to fix. Apparently working as intended. I have cancelled my account, not just because of this, but it’s a big reason and I wrote that in my cancellation. I was really looking forward to Dungeon Finder, and this is a huge disappointment.

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Yeah, I have just seen it. That’s a complete disappointment to be honest. I literally only returned to the game for RDF, a couple of weeks before the patch, and in many ways it’s a farce. Between the botched dungeon levels pre-80 (seriously, at 73 you can do half the REGULAR TBC dungeons but not UK), the complete circus that the gamma rdf ones can be (looking at you, spider ones), the fact that it keeps putting massively undergeared tanks and healers in the ICC ones (players with 3.5k GS that are clearly below the supposed gear threshold for entering those dungeons and they get 2 shot at every other add wave in HoR) and the new, extremely limited Premade Group option, I do have to wonder myself if this is worth it at all.


Blizzard doesn’t read anything here, they don’t care.

Also full of cringe apologists who think we should be happy when blizz mess up. My sub runs out tomorrow. I’ll come back when they fix it. There are plenty of other games that work in the meantime.

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You guys gotta remember - whenever I say something bad is happening/going to happen, I am always right, even if I’m joking, trolling or exaggerating.

The blue post from the US forums:

Blue post

So tldr is that everything is fine.

My level 78 dk can only queue for Gundrak and HOS, and my pala is 80 and cannot queue together as pala “level is too high”.

At the same time, HOL, COT, Oculus and UP level range is 77-80 but not possible for my dk.

I guess, difficult to be fixed, blizz will have the know how in later expansions.

Im starting to think that classic devs didn’t want RDF in the game since the beginning and are “kinda” part of the anti-RDF faction.

Thats the only explanation for “There are nothing to fix” from Kaivax.

Implement a broken RDF >> People complains about RDF because its broken >>> People “hate” RDF >>>> Blizz was right to no launch wotlk classic with RDF for atleast 1-80.

Im reaching hard here but its the only explanation for that horrible blue post.


Yes, we absolutely got the corrupt a wish version of RDF.

Even so far as to include UBRS as a raid in it rather than the 5 man version we originally got.

Jeynar, I might be wrong, but I believe you can post on the US forums as well. Could I kindly ask that you post on the bug thread with Blizzard’s response my example, for the unlikely scenario that they are not trolling us and they are actually looking into it? My example being that a level 73 character does not have UK as an option, but still has all of the 67+ normal dungeons from TBC. Apologies for bothering you about this

Any progammer can help me? I am a noob in this regard, but isn’t it a script, where you set the values, that control which dungeon you can access?
{Ragefire Chasms} acess
.>if =>15; =<21; true
.>if <15; >21; false

or something like that, and you can use even the Notepad to edit it. Maybe its a fine work, to go through many files, but it would be a good welcome task for a new employee, or intern to start their relationships with Blizzard.

You can as well, all I did was make a starter account on the same bnet account, level it to like 10 and then logging in and out of their forums a couple of times.

That said, asking them if they’re trolling on the bug report forum is likely just gonna get the post deleted cause that forum is heavily moderated.

+1 to this. Been leveling a tank and could only Q for one dungeon at 41, which is baffling.

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Obviously I didn’t mean to ask them first if they were trolling us :rofl:, just to put that example along with the rest that other people are presenting.

Thanks for the heads-up on how it is done though, much appreciated and I will probably get on with it during the weekend

Thankfully you can’t use a classic account to post over there since that requires a sub, but the starter account being levelled on retail means it’s done in like 30 mins or so so it’s not that much work.

I even made my US forum alt level 12 cause I just didn’t stop at 10 :smiley:

The new hotfix is apparently about the dungeon levels! I can’t wait to go and check it out tonight and start levelling some alts! Either way, it’s great to see that they at least aknowledge there was an issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s been fixed! I log in last night, and all the dungeons that reasonably should be are there! What an unexpected turn of events after that dismissive post!
Now I won’t sing Blizzards praises too much, since this should have been fixed on PTR, or at worst hours after launch, but still better late than never. Thanks.


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It’s getting kinda repetitive honestly.

Blizzard posts complete ignorance, community massively scolds them for it, randomly they go “oh yeah, we can fix this”.