Rdruid nerfed

I don’t understand how they choose to nerf catweaving for resto druids. Do they understand that for us to do 100k + dmg we need to put 4-5 dots on 6+ adds. That is over 20 gcds. If one is doing +20 gcds for a dmg rotation, should one not get rewarded?

We need to put sunfire and moonfire on all adds. Thrash on all adds. Rake on all adds, get 5 combo points to spend on rip on 2+ adds. When done redo all moonfires. Also get adaptive swarm on targets with 4 dots.

While doing this, also try to weave in heals…

It is far easier for classes with built in heals in dmg rotation like shamans disc, monks and paladins. Yet when we have to opt in to do no healing, to do dmg, we get nerfed.

It should do more dmg, because it is a risk as we heal less. We are in cat form, catform should do more dmg than just spamming moonfire and sunfire. Why? Well because we cant heal in catform, and we waste gcd going into it.

Nerfinh rip that big is giving the middle finger to the new talent you just added which gives rip more dmg (which is already not used).

S2 we did nothing. S3 you finally buffed the dmg so it is worth and feels good to go cat. Now you reverse it all again.

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Maybe you’re not supposed todo 100k+ dmg?

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Guessing since us ferals aren’t allowed any healing then the reverse has to be resto gets no dps… don’t think they have a clue what they’re doing with druids at all

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how come? Why can tanks do 250k+ and healers need to be under 100?

How can my long dps rotation do 350k below a zug zug dps? Why not remove all the dps spells for healers if they wont do dmg?

I guess lol. Now that you mention it, I have not seen a feral queued in two seasons.

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I’m one of the last idiots, still hanging on by the skin of my claws but dunno how much longer I can stand it lol

then you clearly dont play alot.
There are loads of people playing feral - just not as many as boomkin.

No not 6 targets, i have seen rdruids doing over 100k dps on a boss fight and not just the tree boss in everbloom, also the first boss in brh, also in throne of tides 2nd boss. So no u could even do it on just 1 target.

There are very few in comparison to other specs, classes… in any 40 man BG you’ll be hard pushed to spot more than one or 2 per side, as most have jumped ship to specs/classes that can survive walking past a f@rt without dying.

While i agree that the damage was high, it really is hard to pull it off, especially in high keys with a pug that takes damage every chance it gets…

Resto druid definitely feels both the worst and hardest healer to play right now. It has little to no payoff compared to how hard it is to pull everything off, like cat-weaving was for example. It sucks in M+ and raids, and both healing and set bonus is extremely sub-par compared other classes.

It feels weird to say, but i think the class designers just look at the stats and nerf cat without really understanding how that damage comes to be in the first place. As well as that useless 3% heal buff we got.

I have no idea who is designing our class, but i believe they have no idea what they are doing.


I mean popping heart of the wild then sure. I guess with aug evoker you could push even higher aswell. But if they manage to do 100k+ dmg on the other bosses on everbloom I would be shocked. I guess if they got a full team that doesn’t require any healing. I need to spam heals and hope that dps doesn’t put the poison under boss…
Some bosses are really easy to just catweave while others isn’t is my point. Like BHR bosses, weaving and cleaving.

100+ runs and seen close to 0. But I also won’t keep an eye out for them so that might be it.

If you watch some of the 24+ resto keys they have all said catweaving is still great after the nerf and it was warranted just my 2 cents

I think it s stupid for healers to do dmg ,that s why I pick healer ,not dps ,also focusing only on healing or only on tanking is the way ,specialized classes not a mix of everyrhing ,tank dps ,healer dps ,dps tank etc ,u name it .I just hope Blizzard will come to their senses and start doing wow again ,not copy paste from other mmos I ve been playing such as ESO and mechanics were the same. I m an old player ,coming from the LK era ,healer doing dmg in IC ? U gotta be jk :grinning:as u didn had time to fart before someone was almost dead.

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Why a shaman can do alot of damage by just using 1 skill? And being the better healer in raid and m+. And the resto druids are getting nerfed, but we have to do alot more for being able to dps as mention here above (catweaving, sunfire, moonfire etc)

And all this in times when good priest can do more damage than average DPS player…

No it shouldn t ,but rather more healing as a whole ,that s why ur a freaking healer in the first place.Go feral or rogue if u want dps ,period

No ,u don t have to ,who said u have to ? :joy: U want to finish the key on time ,work on the dps part ,not your job as a healer to do this ,who tells u otherswise have realy crap dps in the groups ,if u roll with experienced and bis geard dps u dont have to do any dmg as a healer ,except if ur a disc priest ,which was designed since birth to be a dmg healing class

Sure healers should heal. But the fact is that damage for healers has an impact on dungeons, especially higher ones. They should, therefore, balance the game in that regard as well. This is an old thread and rdruids have more dmg now, but if a healer has 60% less dmg than another one, the game is just unbalanced. Either blizzard make healers do 0 dmg, or they must balance the dmg, which they have in season 3.

Edit: in higher keys there is like 50% less healing as everything just oneshots. Should I stand AFK during this downtime?

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Yep ,def they should rebalance the Ms by removing the timers completly and so the healers dont have to dps anymore ,let s go back to hc and normal raids ,why not? Since this stupidity with healers doing dmg doesnt work as planned

If you want you can still dp m0 or heroic dungeons. Pushing keys might not suite everyone. However, I do agree that healers should do more healing, and not the spiky kind. I think they should add a lot more rot dmg instead of oneshots. I assume that would change how healing works. Worked on third boss HOI.

Right ,or maybe make all healers DP style ,doing dmg to also heal ,and Im talking about Feral rakes for ex in the druids case ,which would makee DP s not so special anymore haha