Ready up for pre-patch and join us!

Community channels on to help you find activities faster and easier! Think of it as a trade chat that spans cross the continent’s servers. Join in and wait till the madness commences on pre-patch day.

(EU) Europe
PvP -
PvE -

(NA) North America
If you’re interested in joining the NA group, message Raven#212714.

A few more details
In preperation for the revamped levelling experience, the dragons whom are to be defeated and the battlefields to be swarming- we’ve made a couple of community channels to address all the adventurers and friends that needs grouping.

It’s easier to keep track on new activities popping up through the community chat tool, rather than the official group tool. Instead of spamming the trade chats and general chat, pop a message through the activity channel aswell!

Example message in the channel:

Horde, raids- legacy, dragon soul fun run all night, LF5M

Stick to the example, it is not a place to discuss warfare or politics, it’s a place for groups to be gathered and fun to be made.

Be kind towards the group leader and thank them for the initiative.