Real drugs offering in worldchat

Hi all I want to let you know that world chat is for all, it is great help for people where they can speak if they need help or so. Today I was witness of behavior of some play who was promoting drug using in world chat. And even after I told him to stop it, he was making him self hero. He continued to ofering drugs for ingame boost. He was talking about pico (pevitín, metanfetamin). I have screens ot his action. He did not stop even when other player tell him not abuse chat for this.
I hope there is somebody oficial who can help whit this player and intervene immediately.

Contact me for details or screen. Thx

Hi there Protodruid, sorry we did not notice this sooner. With tens of thousands of forum posts, we can miss things.

To ensure an issue of this nature is dealt with in a timely manner, to report a player in World of Warcraft please follow these steps:

For your specific case we can’t see a report from you in-game. As we take such matters very seriously, on this occasion a Game Master has contacted you in order to address the matter.

For any future issues of this nature please be sure to use the report functions, or in-game ticketing system so that we can take action.

Topic closed, matter is now being handled by the Game Master team.