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Are 15$ or 12.99€ or even (549RUB for RU) worth it?
(they are just frozen there. it is a 9 years old quest. and you really wait for a Classic?)
imgur. com/a/E4A6k91




(Madorin) #3

Think he means that in Classic wow there was a bug that made those enemies appear like they are just floating in the air and in some private server they don’t, I guess.

A really revolutionary discovery.


Can’t even tell which one is from classic on my phone but i’ll take his word for the bug.

Feel free to keep playing on your Pserver then. Godspeed !


Report the bug in game then?

(Archronos) #6

Is that picture from classic beta?

If so, report the bug to get it fixed, don’t complain.

The sub includes retail not just classic so it’s a good deal. Unless you want to keep playing on an illegal private server and spend hours upon hours only one day to find the server shut down. It’s up to you, but hey, that’s RNG right? :sweat_smile:

(Someoneelse) #7

Now that Blizzard have a classic server I suspect the lawyers will be unleashed on most private servers. Private servers owners can’t use the excuse that there’s no classic server now.