Realm disappearance (Dragonblight)

Logged in today and for some reason Dragonblight realm on my list has disappeared! I have around 9 characters on that and today i can’t log into it. Anybody else have same issue? Or know if or when the problem will be rectified??? Thankyou in advance…

I lost all my main chars there too. I send a ticket but noone answer yet. lost on wednesday and dont know anything :(((

Same here for both me and the wife Dragonblight has disappeared from the realm list.

I know that Dragonblight (my main realm) and Ghostlands went down the other day to have more realms added to the population but also for me they have not yet come back up as playable. I too am frustrated at this as i have just started playing WoW again after a long time and need to catch up on things before the pre-patch and expansion release.

If anyone is still having problems with these realms then try this:
Goto the realms list and click on Realm Name to bring them up in alphabetical order, find your realm from the list then log into it. For some people the realm list isnt showing your character amout on that realm but by logging in it should reset and work as normal.


This. The realm is there. After you log in you can see all your chars again!

All of mine have gone too. Anyone know what’s going on? I logged in after 2 weeks away and everything is gone

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