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There is currently a Realm discord for Lightbringer/Mazrigos. I did not create this discord, I simply “got volunteered” by default to run it, when the creator left the realm/stopped playing. At the time, no-one else stepped forward, and it was that or delete the server.

As is the realm, so is the discord. It is hardly used (although it could be used to help one another, especially on a low population realm), and a lot of that is simply down to the fact that, although I’ve “maintained” the discord server, I’ve not really done anything with it, because I’ve had lots of other stuff to do.

As our guild has now left the realm, and although we have a few alts dotted around it’s no longer our “main” realm, I no longer feel it appropriate for me to be maintainer of this discord.

I’m therefore looking for someone to pass it along to.

If anyone would like to take it over, please contact me via that discord:

If I don’t get any volunteers, I’ll just close it down.

We’ve had a volunteer. Thank you very much to Rammas, guild leader of Chaotic Good, for agreeing to take on the Lightbringer/Mazrigos Discord.

Best wishes to everyone on Lightbringer/Mazrigos - I have great memories of the server and its people, and it has been a tough decision to leave.

If anyone from the realm feels the urge to try out another realm, a busier, more active realm, in the company of others originally from your own realm, feel free to look up Dark Wolves on Tarren Mill (connected with Dentarg).

Best wishes to you also. Hope your new server works out well for you all. Looking forward to flying the flag for Lightbringer and Mazrigos.

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