Realm Hop / instance swap


Realm hop is still a thing, it still works?

On Retail we have shards which aren’t really realm based, on Classic you have layers which are realm based.

So you can join a group and phase to another shard/layer. When you leave you are often returned to your previous shard/layer.


Okay, thank you. So in LIVE servers (aka retail), I’m able to join other groups aka shards/layers) for my rare npc find?
What I need to keep in mind during this process?

I would just look for groups up in the zone you are trying to hop shards.

If it’s older zones it’s harder to shard hop as there are less instances.


Okay, thank you!
So to be clear:

  • Group what I looking for need to be on the same zone
  • Group what I looking for need to be on a different (maybe good if it is a) low pop server/realm


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