Realm is full


Prepaid 6 month and cant login.
How are blizzard handling that they selling playing time but refuse players to play.
Are we gona have any kind of compensation?

This is not a new problem so why was this problem ignored and still there?

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They are not refusing any players to play, you can for example still play on BfA with the gametime in question, play on another realm. Queueing up for a realm is entirely normal, everyone does it - for the stability of the realm.

As for “ignoring the problem”:

They’ve already addressed this before the start of the Classic Launch:

Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:

I don’t think they’re ignoring anything, I recommend you to visit the Classic Discussion forums for updates regarding anything that may happen there as Customer Support is not responsible for anything you’ve wrote here. Your topic may be moved.

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If you are brand new then roll on a different realm, it’s that simple.

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