Realm merge

Doing the merge with Kilrogg, Nagrand and Runetotem is still a plan? I’m playing on Arathor since I’m playing WoW, but having such low population as we have currently it’s not fun anymore. I would like to stay, but if there is no news about the merge I would rather move to some higher population realm. I’m fine with having the merge later than SL release, but it would be great to have at least a confirmation that it’s still planned and not totally aborted.

Hey Dao

The merger happened a couple of weeks ago :slight_smile: The forums here are not yet connected, but AH, Trade Chat, Characters, Guilds are all now connected.


Thanks, good to know! My last information was that the merge was unsuccessful, and I’ve never encountered news about that it was tried again and it was successful. Great news :slight_smile:

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