Realms Expectations for Season of Discovery

Echoing this! Zandalar Tribe was THE best server and WoW experience I have ever had in all my years of gaming, I think a dedicated RP-PvP server would be a fantastic addition to Season of Discovery!


Forcing balance on PVP servers is the best thing I have read from Blizzard since the original classic announcement. Great move.


Zandalari Tribe was my best WoW experience, please give us an RP-PVP server blizzard! It attracts a more mature crowd, it was the single best online gaming experience i ever had!



Are there plans for regional Servers? That would funnel Communitys to a dedicated Realm so less communication needed and it could prevent realms do die out cause some Communitys on them are diminishing.

I wouldn’t mind warmode. I think it’s a pretty fair way to handle pvp. You can chose to when you want.
I feel those against it are usually the ones who want their “fun” from griefing much lower levels, just because they can. It’s a form of bullying. There’s no reason to cater to bullies.
Maybe, if it’s just full pvp servers with no warmode, you could implement an increasingly harsher debuff for killing an oponent of the opposite faction that is much lower level. F.i., you kill someone 20 levels lower, all your stats get gimped by 40% for an hour, and it cumulates. (10 levels lower - 20%, 5 levels lower - 10%, 4 levels lower - no impact)
Now, there would be hordes of low level players chasing much higher level players around the server. Now, that I want to see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Classic SoD semble intéresser énormément de monde, peut-on espérer au minimum 1 serveur francophone et 1 serveur germanophone en Europe ?

En version PvE, ou peut-être PvE-RP puisque la langue est un facteur primordial pour l’immersion RP.

Classic SoD seems to interest a lot of people, can we hope for at least 1 French-speaking server and 1 German-speaking server in Europe?

In PvE version, or perhaps PvE-RP since language is a primary factor for RP immersion.


Personally I would love to get an RP Server which is german language because as some may realized germans are the biggest roleplayers of Europe.
But as this wish is better suited for WotLK Era or Cata I rather wish only for French and German PvP and PvE Servers too.
If you would start with a servertype for each language it would support more players better because why would we need 5 seasonal english PvP Server with 2 PvE English Server? This way you attract only the english speaking crowd.
But with each an english, german and french PvE and PvP Server you could support six servers as so you attract three different markets and could so support server supply.


No doubt there are people who do seek for “fun” by bullying those that are weaker and no way do I support that. Fight those who can fight back. Although when you roll on a PvP server it is something you should expect no?

However, stating that all of us who just want to world PvP are simply bullies? Come on mate, some people actually want to enjoy the potential of contested zones and fun here and there. Adding warmode to classic will make it no longer classic, what it will do is just segregate the population to sweats and PvE players, leaving no room for casual PvP.

I really don’t seem to understand why people are so against PvP servers to remain PvP? Blizzard just announced faction balancing attempts to make it as fair as possible, if you do not like being thrown into unwanted situations or any sort of world PvP then just play on a PvE server as the announcement suggests? Why ruin the fun for those who want to PvP?

If you’re worried about PvE servers dying, there won’t be as many servers launched as in vanilla, with forced faction balanced in place, as well as in order to counter-balance server queues, PvE servers will still be populated as people will most likely swap or migrate if possible.

Whilst I understand things such as bullying and WB griefing can be annoying, but that’s a part of playing on a PvP server, especially when there are no battlegrounds as of yet. Please… stop trying to ruin the fun for those who do want to engage in world PvP.

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It jusy blows my mind how hard it is for you people to just go for a damn pve server, stop trying to ruin the game for the rest of us, warmode leads to nothing else but premade groups ganking people who goes solo…
Pve servers is EXACTLY what you want so just go for them, jesus christ!

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That was a good decision on the servers. But how about some information regarding the release? We are only three days away, and there is still no official information from Blizzard regarding the release schedule. This seems needlessly vague to me.

I suppose it will be the regular 00:00 CET deal? So, for European players, the release is December 1st, not November 31st? Some confirmation would be nice. Someone with a small child and family can’t plan for the release without information on when the servers will go live.

Can we get the list of servers so we can plan with our communities where to play etc. ?

I fully agree, which is why I myself roll on PvE servers and strongly encourage anyone not interested in PvP for PvP’s sake to do the same. Doing otherwise hurts PvE server population and spoils the experience for everyone on PvP servers to boot.

It is a problem though when a player is “forced” onto a PvP server because their friends with whom they will play are going there.

That been said, I think that these unlucky players are the exception. The rule at least when Classic started seemed to be PvErs who went for PvP servers for population reasons, because they were convinced that PvE servers would be DoA, because content creators said so. Which turned out to be, to an extent, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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I don’t want to ruin your game at all, to the contrary.
But, shouldn’t some things be implemented to counteract griefing? I suggested something like a debuff you incur when you kill someone way lower than yourself. Would that not stop some higher level from stalking the lower lvl population?
No one seemed to react to that?

I never had the opportunity to join to ZT but after reading so many good comments about this type of server I am going to join to the one for season of discovery!

Can’t wait xx

But the ganking is not even a problem… if your getting mad when you get killed, pvp servers just ain’t for you… it’s that easy, choose an pve server.

I understand your point but I see it as a bit too far. Which level range would be a tad bit too far? And will implementing this be even good?

I’ve never encountered high level players to be corpse-camping and chasing you down endlessly unless you’ve done something to aggravate them (such as keep ganking their alt which is significantly weaker than you). A lot of the griefing you’re talking about such as corpse camping, I’ve mainly encountered from players around my level range or a bit higher, who play in groups of 2+ and simply do it for the sake of trolling you. If you implement “debuffs” as punishment for higher levels, then what it does is that it promotes such behavior more as your guildies/alts would much rather not come and help you cause they would have to suffer a debuff. In the end, this would only make such situations occur more.

I really have never encountered people that would go as far as chasing someone into a different zone, unless they were some famous content creator or smth.

Hello, could you please tell me if the PVP zone Ashenvale and similar zones will be available on PVE servers? Or will there be no open world event’s PVP at all on PVE servers?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an official answer, so I’m asking the question here. I really hope to get a response before the server launch. Thank you.

Zandalari Tribe was my best WoW experience, please give us an RP-PVP server blizzard! It attracts a more mature crowd, it was the single best online gaming experience i ever had!


So I just saw you added 4 servers for NA will this be the case for EU too because it is way too many once the initial streamer-influenced hype is over the designated mega-server will be the only one decent to play on, let’s hope we all pick the correct server on launch xD

What are you honestly complaining about? If you dont want pvp and get fun out of killing tigers and bears go play on a pve server lol