Reason why healing is super intense now

Hey Devs!

Every single game healers overheal by 60%-80%.

I’m talking about pvp.

Can you give healers more room to heal their teammates or are you pushing this fast paced unhealable meta into 9.2?

Healing has always been a masterful skill in this game. Legendaries such as Deeptremor only promotes offensive less skillful play. Your role in arena/battlegrounds is a healer.

There are super many healers who can agree seeing their overhealing massively pumping into levels of insanity because in pvp it’s a 1 global and you’re gone.

Healing reduces in pvp also have a major impact on this, maledict trinkets forcing you to trade a cd is weird. I think it’s super unnecessary to have this trinket as we could approach to more defensive trinket options.

So the question is: Why healers are punished in pvp, overhealing is a system that tells you if you are doing something really wrong.

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You can literally 1%-100% someone within a gcd. If anything, the healing is beyond broken and the only thing that is more broken are oneshots within the gcd. If not for them you would have 70% dampening games because of how broken healing in PvP is.

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Are there actually anyone who’s against more slower games?

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I think the issue will be too slow games based on the healing then. Like the 20min damp games. I believe that a slower paced game might actually increase the general skillcap though.

Slower games are great. However slower games where you need to afk for 10 minutes until dampening actually kicks in is just a waste of time.
And nerfing all the oneshots will results into exactly that with the current state of healing

Ofc it is a waste of time playing long arenas but now it’s all over in 1 global. 1 shots needs to be nerfed and hybrid healing needs to be reduced a lot. Prot pala for example heals 33k with WOG.

It’s a tank O.o


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