Rebind old headarmor models like scarfs (model skinning)

Though I only have a limited understanding of 3D modeling, I’m pretty sure it would be an easy fix for Blizzard to rebind(skin) old armor, like any hood that is down or the Mountain Throne Coif, the same way they have bound the scarfs to out models. I’m guessing it’s just a different bone, couldn’t they do the same with some of their old armor?
It just seems odd that when my character moves their head around the downed hood moves too

It’s not particularly hard but could be time consuming. So be careful what are you asking for because sometimes those time consuming tasks to adjust something about helmets are done by AI and results are horrible.

But even with minimal testing (basic movement, two emotions) most bugs should be easy to see. For this kind of stuff I’m not that worried that an AI will do it. Though I haven’t seen it go wrong, so I may be very wrong.
Though I agree with you that the problem is that it’s simply time consuming.

Oh well, would simply just been a nice-to-have thing

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