Rebirth as Guardian druid

Why Guardian druids have to spend 30 rage on Rebirth( a 10 minute cd ) skill ? Can any one explain please what is the GENIUS idea behind this ? (Asking the brilliant dev team who came up with it ) Thank You.

thats a tank thing. pala and dk have to use resources too and not mana. i think pala 3 holy power and dk maybe 30 from the blue bar too.

You’d think they’d be happy enough they’re able to cast it in bear form and it’s instant.

How fast the bestowed gifts of the past are forgotten.

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Ours cost 5,000 mana on all specs, thats it… :smiley:

wait really ok then its not fair haha. maybe then change it for bears too lol. from dk it needs to be the resource bar. they done have any mana ^^

Strong opinion , It’s like saying when every one around you is rich and you should be glad you are alive and don’t ask for fairness. :slight_smile:

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It costs 3 holy power for prot, in exchange for being instant. May or may not also cost mana, shrug.


Who is this “every one around you”?

Just curious who you are mirroring yourself too in this case.

It costs rage because it’s instant, while other specs have a cast time.

I am talking about CR cost druid vs other tanks. Dude if you dont get it at least dont make the smart guy for no reason here. Thank you.

Again, please tell us “who” you actually mean, give us a class and spec. Now it just looks like you have nothing to say and hope others fill in the gaps so you feel less ‘silly’.

Silly ?:))) What do you mean by “us” are you a developer who can assist with this? Or you are just here to mock others posts because that is how you get your “fun” if you bored go do something with your life if you don’t get the post I wrote leave it be .

Perfect deflection… and still no answer on who this mysterious Tank is…

Guess it’s easier to spaz out than admitting you got nothing and it’s only happening in your mind.

Yes I got that , but 30 rage for an emergency cr seems to me way to much.

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Agreed it is way to much

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Did you actualy read the post ? [Why Guardian druids have to spend 30 rage on Rebirth( a 10 minute cd ) skill ?] What is that you don’t understand on that ? ITS guardian tank nothing mysterious about it. What is happening in my mind that CR costs 30 rage ?:smiley: Why am I even answering to your posts … you defo have no clue what are you talking about.

Can’t you just admit you thought something was the case, but it turned it you were wrong?

The only reason why I’m even poking, is because you yourself made it a big deal with your social equity story about rich people and fairness, lol.

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In that regard Guardian Druids actually have it the easiest, not only is 30 rage way easier to generate than for example 3 holy power. Druids also have the ability to shift out of bear form and ‘traditionally’ hard cast rebirth without the resource requirement.

Obviously that would make you vulnerable if not timed correctly, but at least the option is there, the other tanks don’t have that at all. They ‘generously’ gave you access to both traditional battle rezz and the instant one for a resource cost.

As in terms of why there is a resource requirement in the first place, I guess they want to incur an actual costs that affects gameplay for making the mistake of dying and using an ability. It’s been that way since classic 2004.

But game development choices aside, do you actually face situation as a Tank where you have trouble generating 30 rage? Or don’t you maintain a buffer at all?

I don’t want to criticize your playstyle because it will sound like i’m an *sshole for no reason, but the guardian druid has it by far the easiest to maintain a buffer or generate 30 rage.

Even if you don’t maintain a buffer at all, a single mangle or trash should put you in the green at all times. Even if doing absolutely nothing but just generating rage passively would do if you wait 2-3 seconds.

That was a simple example that you did not understand I see and thook it like personaly ok that tells a lot about you. And also admit what and where was I wrong ? I asked a QUESTION . Was I wrong to ask a question ? You are just the kind of guy that has his dose of happyness making others admit something to feel superior ?:slight_smile:

Thanks, I stand corrected. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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