Rebirth of a dead alliance

Hey guys. You think there’s any possibility of being able to resurrect this server? Have a few friends who would love to try but we have no idea how far home it truly is as lvl 1’s

I started a gnome warlock last night. I’d be interested in attempts to revive flamelash. Might need to agree terms of engagement with the Horde if we’re to have a chance though.

I started playing here just after the big exodus to contribute to repopulating, and im probably a bit crazy but i feel this is my new home. I weirdly enjoy being on these kinda servers as the underdog. Anyway, contact me ingame, mail or w/e (Labamba/Hermsbniel) and ill try to help any new player(s) considering starting to play here.

Most horde will leave you alone, unless you attack first ofc :slight_smile:

Yes just like Tosha say, most of us dont attack alliance unless were attacked first. And even less so on lowbies.
We want alliance to come here and lvl up and at a later point go for some wpvp again.
Maybe not in the way it was last time when we horde ran all over the world to farm for the litle honor it gave.

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