Received a raid ID for unknown reasons

Good Morning,

yesterday, i realized that my warrior (“Niénda”) has received a raid ID, although i did not use this toon for raiding this week.

Yesterday evening, i was invited by a raid leader to play ICC. I immediately flew to the instance, and entered it. Then, with the beginning of the loading screen, i left my keyboard for several minutes.

As it turned out, the raid leader (by the name “Naluni”) was locked to an instance already, and somehow i received their ID, without accepting any prompt or attacking any mob. I also was not teleported outside this instance.
In fact, they had to change their character and give lead to another player to reset the instance. This worked for all players to enter a fresh ID, but not for me.
Please, remove that ID 290762884 from my warrior, as I clearly did not intend to join this players ID.

Please remove the group leaders name to avoid getting silenced, as naming and shaming is not allowed.

I hardly think this constitutes naming and shaming. But, OP, GMs don’t provide assistance through the forum, and even if you got ahold of one ingame they wouldn’t help you with this.

Yeetheart is correct. GM’s can’t remove or reset an instance ID, for any reason. Your only option is to wait for reset.

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