Recent patch's graphics changes made the Frostsaber mount look horrible

What title says, the frostsaber mount looks absolutely horrendous now. It’s armor is a washed white where as pre patch it was black/blueish.

Its not just a shade wrong, it’s an entirely different color.

That said, thunderfury looks pretty horrid as well, what happened?


Blizzard changed some stuff. I don’t think they will change it back.

Then some people blame the #nochanges, what is that then ?.

They changed my shiny horse too :frowning:

Yesterday, while farming Winterspring Frostsaber, I saw just completely random yellow swirly light effects all over the place, especially on the hill above Winterfall village. Good job fixing something that wasn’t broken yet again, Blizz, GG.
And yeah, my orange eyed horse also looks decidedly worse. But just random lights? Really?

Still no response to this? It feels like so many people aren’t even noticing it, my Frostsaber looks so bad now I regret spending 1800g buying it (900g for Runecloth).

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