Recently-boosted characters cannot access legacy dungeons. Season 4

Help is needed.

I boosted a character last night with the boost you get by pre-purchasing Dragonflight and I am not allowed to join in Grimrail or Iron Docks (mythic difficulty) because it’s considered legacy content.

Due to the limited time I have, this is a nuissance as my m+ key is rendered useless as soon as I get any of the “old” ones. Funnily enough, BFA ones (Mechagon) works just fine…

Can anyone help me out?

I had the worst of times trying to raise an actual ticket for this.

They will unlock after 24 hours following the boost. Whilst those dungeons have been added to the S4 mythic dungeon pool, they may still be categorized as legacy I suspect. But if you boosted last night, you should be able to access them the same time tonight. It is odd that Mechagon is fine though lol, perhaps as its only one expansion ago rather than the others which are more.

Kharazhan works fine as well, its only Warlords ones that are messed up.

The Legacy Dungeon restriction for newly boosted characters is intended as part of the boosting process. With this also being the first Season in which Legacy classed dungeons are part of the current M+ pool, it is something that is being looked into.

As Shammoz mentioned, this restriction will only last for 24 hours, after which you will be able to enter those dungeons normally. This is something that the Developers have on their radar and are looking into.


Obviously not as intended as other legacy dungeons work just fine such as both karazahn and mechagon. It’s just grimrail and iron docks that have bis trinkets for a lot of classes making this extremely frustrating. Please don’t pass off an obvious bug as intended function otherwise it would be consistent across ALL legacy content for season 4. Please resolve it.

It is intentional, if it goes past 24 hours then open a ticket.