Reckless abandon having 1 charge

I tried the new spec for the fury warrior and it just feels bad.
I am ok with having one charge of bloodbath, I get it would be too OP with the set bonus, but making my gameplay expirience bad because of a set bonus …

Let me explain - I get that after rampage we use bloodbath but then if you don’t have enough rage for another rampage( wich happens quite often) we have to press slam, which have 9 sec CD now and is not available.
If slam is on CD then we press WW, even on our single target rotation … ok .

But what if both are on CD? I am fury warrior with no button to press? Man it feels soo bad, I don’t know if haste will fix it but that should never be the case.
It feels bad enough to watch 3 buttons (Bloodthirst, Slam and WW) to see wich one is not on CD to press and seeing them all on CD … just nothing to do. As fury warrior it breaks the flow of the game and it 's not fun at all.

One possible solution would be to lower the Slam CD even more, another solution is to give us some kind of Bloodbath AND Crushing blow hybrid spec, another to … well revert the nerf at all (That would be best).

On an unrelated note, I really miss the Anger management spec last season, but I get it why we have to play with Reckless abandon because of the set bonus giving us boodthirst buff. And yes, I will always play the build that deals most damage, like most players would :slight_smile:

I don’t really have this issue myself.
I rarely find that I can’t press an attack.
With the amount of haste you have your slam and whirlwind should both be below 6sec cd and bloodthirst around 2sec.

But I agree and I also prefer a raging blow build since that high APM is why I play fury.

I’ve seen it times and times again, I press bloodthirst, and slam and whirlwind are on Cd and I sti there and wait for them.
Maybe haste will fix this, maybe not …

When you have enough haste and mastery this spec becomes really nice to play I personally think its better then the previous build more variety better aoe burst.

Our single target rotation is nice aswell, Warrior was always meant to scale very well with gear so once you get some decent gear from the new season you will notice a massive difference

I did run into that problem on the PTR and solved it.

Basically, you keep up the BT, X, BT rotation. X is a priolist system. Key is, bloodthirst/Bloodbath is used on CD. X is simply to fill the room in between. Now, prio list is as follows:

If you are affected by recklessness; Rampage. You will get the Ramp, BB, Ramp, BB, Ramp, BB - going.

If you are not affected by recklesness; Rampage (if rage = 100 or more), execute, slam, ww, rampage.

This stops you from from having that dead global every 40 or so seconds if your SD proc luck doesn’t line up. As you push the global up faster to reset, while Rampage works as a filler, meanwhile you dont waste rage or lose enrage uptime doing so (we dont cap at 100 rage anymore, praise be).

Now you must also not press slam/ww/ramp while waiting for the 0.2sec CD gap that happens once in a while. The auto will hit and fix it almost instantly, but it feels weird to get used to. Keep to the BT, X, BT formula. Trust the system.

Hope this fixes the issue for you, did for me on the PTR and into live :dracthyr_heart:

It didn’t since if you count BT, Slam, BT, Whirlwind on one target you won’t get enough rage for rampage and you actually need to wait for auto attack for rampage.

This can happen and it feels bad when it happen :slight_smile:

in season 1 the annihilator build played way more fluently than it does now. i honestly dont understand how they shoehole us into these talents with the set bonus and then make it clunky to play

It was because we were forced into bøngocat meme rotation.
Rampage, BB, BB, BT, Rampage, BB, BB, BT, rampage.
1 2 2 2, 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2
So to solve this interaction, they decided to change how RA worked now, to avoid this now and in the future.

Now a positive of this change is that we can now go Ramp, BB, Ramp, BB, Ramp, BB during reck windows. The burst in this window is stronger and it feels better (to me), not to hold ramp for BB number 2. As before this change, it was Ramp BB BB ramp BB BB ramp - we ignored our ragebar.
Our damage in the Ramp BB ramp window was also increased significantly, so we did see a netgain on burst.

Now, I am fully aware the Ramp, BB, BB, BT, ramp, playstyle was popular because of its simplicity of flow. It did flow in a very set rythmic pattern. Now Blizzard took our extreme feedback and dooming on being forced to do it, and changed it. The vast majority was talking about how aweful it was and sent complaint after complaint.

So, that is why it was changed to what it is now. Playstyle was too simple, repetitive and unpopular. It opens more design space. Finally, it makes it so RA doesn’t enforce a playstyle where you either double BT or RB (BB/CB), but opens the possibility for BB into RB, or CB into BT (? - Ye I dont know how blizz makes this work, they just said it would. I guess we just don’t see the fruits of that labour just yet).

Bro you are here in the warrior forums always defending the dumb decisions blizzard makes or advertising warrior is totally fine when it isn’t.

Can you for once stop being the person that always has to argument against the common perception of a vast majority of warrior players?

You asked, I answered. Did I prefer old RA, yep - in PvP it was a lot more fun. So I am sad to see it go.

Still, it had some merits as well. The changes wasn’t all bad. I gave some examples of my thoughts.

Rest is just pure explanation, as you were wondering.

So it was not about being contrarian, it was more information to help you understand why blizzard decided to go for this solution :dracthyr_heart:
(also, wast majority of feedback on PTR and Skyhold was that bøngocat, was bad gameplay)

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