Recommended class for RBG?


I haven’t done rbg properly since MoP, and I’ve always wanted the mog set.
Since it’s hard even getting in to one, what class/specc is often wanted and maybe having an easier time to get invited?

I have all classes in 70 with equal skill on all tbh and I enjoy playing all of them equal too.

Thanks in advance.

If your goal is the elite transmog set, bottom line is, I would not recommend playing RBGs. 2v2 & 3v3 will be the better option for you.

DHs are always wanted as both dps and tank. If you wanna play caster, boomie is a very good option that is always in high demand. The best healers are currently mistweavers. It’s not uncommon to see triple MW comps or 2 MWs 1 prevoker for example. Good rogues are also needed frequently, but you have to know what you’re doing and be good at incing / FC assasinations.

He’s most likely talking about the High Warlord / Grand Marshal set from classic.
For an ordinary season rival, play healer in SS.

You have little to show in terms of PvP achievements on your account and most likely don’t meet the standards group leaders set who play on 1800 plus rating. It will be hard to get into groups even with a class that is in high demand. Your best bet is to build your own groups in the evening at around 8 PM. Getting your gear up to 529 PvP also increases your chances to get invited.

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You never know how next expansion will be, but judging from every single expansion since rbg was implemented, boomy/rogue should be a solid choice.

So it depends which playstyle you prefer. If you wanna be on guard duty, pick rogue. If you wanna carry teamfights and do triple everyones dmg with 3 buttons (literally), then boomy is your answer.

I always had fun as feral/sub and ever since i started in BFA, they never failed me.
2.2 ~ xp RBGS

Short: Dh, Druid, Rogue

Long blabla:

Yeah you need too check a view boxes like achivments for invites, i got 2.4 season XP and got no invites for groops that just want too play a game for capping because i was Hunter, the meta slaves in RBG are insane

Best class you can pic is maybe DH special Tank
Or Druid where you switch too whatever is meta and wanted Tank, heal or boomi
3th Rogue some specc will always find a place in Rbg

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