Recruit a friend ! looking new

Looking to recruit someone on EU. Preferring someone who can buy 6 months gametime at once.

Add me on Bnet: Sparklystars#21949

What you’ll get:

for mount , good xp , boosting etc…

also im playing on classic in top world guild on gehennas , can help you with boosting golds etc…

Benefits from Blizzard:

  • Friend-to-Friend Summoning
  • This spell allows you to teleport to each other, while partied. This spell has a 30 minute cooldown.
  • Increased Experience and Reputation
  • While partied together, experience gains are increased by 50% and reputation gains are increased by 10%. This does not stack with Heirlooms.
  • Special Quests
  • If done with your recruit, reward in-game items and currency. The quests are available through the in-game Recruit A Friend interface. These can be quests to do quests, dungeons and battlegrounds. They can reward Timewarped Badge and Mark of Honor.

You will still only get the rewards monthly.