Recruit a friend missing

Hi, upon logging in today I realised I could no longer summon my recruited friend (recruited a month ago) and they’d disappeared from my recruited friends list. The friend is still subscribed and hasn’t had a break in the subscription. Is this a known bug that’s in the process of being fixed, or could you look into it? Thanks!

Oops, meant to post from this character instead - a problem in retail not classic ofc

Having the same problem myself, I think the RAF stuff might be down?

RAF is glitchy right now, for me 50% of time it is available and works as intended and the other 50%, the summoning feature is not available and my list of recruited friends is empty.

Hey all,

We’re not aware of an issue with RAF bonuses at the moment, but if the option to summon your friend is unavailable, please make sure that you’ve checked the following requirement: