Recruit A Friend Update

Recruit A Friend Update

Bring your friends to Azeroth and earn special rewards with the Recruit A Friend program, updated for Dragonflight.

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I “recruited” someone who hadnt played in over a year like a month ago :flushed:
They bought a years sub…

I didnt want those rewards anyhow :crying_cat_face:


Still no rewards for the Recruit? Come on…


I dont have friends, allow me to recruit so I can recruit myself, thanks.


I’m pretty sure you can do this.
This “feature” is mostly a whale bait.

The xp boost is not working.

Still didn’t get my Zhevra, so bugger off

i have all the raf rewards from recrutiing myself when i camped aeonax and the camel in uldum

How is this “Updated” ? these are the same rewards with the same exact requirements and the same exact rules. I already have all of these. What is the Update ?


Its changing the time it can be used for those who previously played the game, it looks like its targeting people who left during Shadowlands meaning that the release of DF wasn’t the overall success that they were expecting.

UPDATE: New in Dragonflight, you can now recruit returning players who have not had active game time on their account for the past year (was two years).

Why woud i curse some one with your shait game ?

I did way back and I’m pretty sure it’s not changed.
Just make another account under your existing one. Once you’ve got what you want just unsub and leave it, then whenever they run the offer where you can invite someone that hasn’t played for over a year, just reactivate it again.

The only time I would even consider doing this is was when the wolf shapeshift mount was a thing.

Otherwise, no, not at all.

Thought there would be new rewards

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Ah thank you. underwhelming still xD

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why not add RX-rocket back in to RAF ?

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Fix the game stutters.

This is a JUKE!

wtfff i got the jungle hopper and mog 12 month bonus like… 3-4 years ago? and it was the exact same thing. what is the “update”? …That monkey pet? THATs the update? lol

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