RECRUITING! - Fluffy Toxic Pandas (A)

Hello! My name is Sweetem, I’m one of the guild leaders at Fluffy Toxic Pandas, we’re an alliance guild on Ravencrest-EU and we are recruiting! The guild was created in 2009, so we have a lot of experience! :slight_smile:

We see ourselves as an old school guild in terms of having a social and active chatty guild. From the moment we log our computers on, we’re on discord ready to play and chat. Our guildies enjoy levelling together, doing world quests together and much more. The game is always so much better when people are on discord together. And even if they’re playing other games… it’s still so nice to have the company. We would love others to join, who enjoy sitting in voice chat as much as we do!

We want people to join our guild who enjoy playing with fellow guildies :heart:

Our main focus within our guild is Mythic Plus dungeons - Our green chat is very active with requests to join dungeons and people grouping up. Keys are currently ranging anywhere from +2’s to +20’s. We also have active players during days, evenings and mostly at weekends.

We also run a Sunday night raid, 7pm-10.30pm ST. Currently 5/10hc. We mainly aim to smash normal and progress heroic. But if we have the numbers then we’ll get into mythic as well. Myself and the other guild leader are experienced mythic raid leaders! :slight_smile: We used to be more hardcore up until BFA then decided to go a little more casual. We are currently looking for an unholy or frost DK to join our team. Must be 235+ ilvl.

If there are any new players looking for a home and somewhere to learn the game as well then we’re the place for you. No question is a stupid question - We were all new at one point and you got to start somewhere!

Add me or our raiding officer for more info/invite.

GM - Sweetem2600
Raiding Officer - Wiseguy#21145

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