[Recruitment] Jazz Up Your Life in Gandling

The musician’s life is tough. But regardless your class or spec, Jazz Volume Five wants you in its ranks.

Join the likes of Frost Ray Charles and Louis Arm-Strong as you gear up for MC. We’ll be raiding starting next week (Oct 9th) so pick up your cello and let’s play Raggy’s Requiem together.

Outside of raids, expect puns and stealth runs, gurubashi arenas and fishing extravaganzas, devilsaur hunting and any other jazzy thing that may strike your fancy.

For more info reply here, or /w Afilotimi, Discoteka, or Chakie in-game.

  • Update (Oct 10th) :: Molten Core 6/10 on our first guild-led raid, despite having to PUG most members. Follow-up aiming for 8/10.