Red Boi looking for new guild

Player looking for new guild.
Can play and class/role combo you wish, most comfortable as a tank but can heal should you require it.
EN 8/8 HC
NH 10/10 HC
ToV 3/3 HC
ToS 9/9 HC 4/9 M
Antorus 11/11 HC 4/11 M
Had to make a new account here.

BFA, side note I had to take a break from WoW as a whole due to work contraints and didn’t raid properly until EP

EP 8/8 HC 3/8 M
Nya 12/12 HC 11/12 M
This was all completed on my DK who was my main at the time.

CN 10/10 HC 7/10M, guild was 9/10 but I had a motorbike accident and missed two bosses
SoD 6/10 HC

If for some reason I am a guy of interest to you and wish to contact me my btag is as follows Hellborne#21316 or my Discord Hellborne#3178

Hi Hellborne,

I will try and add you on bnet so we can have a chat, but you can read a bit about our guild on this thread :slight_smile:

If this sounds interesting, please add me ingame - Kapow#21848


We’re looking for healers atm. If you’re interested DM me on discord or ingame

Hi Hellborne,

Our Thursday team is in need of a healer if you are interested:

Hi there Hellborne,

Hope your good.

Would love to chat with you some more.
Please have a look at our recruitment thread and if it interests you, please do contact me on battlenet. (Psykick06#2401).


Hey mr red,

check us out and consider us for your future progression

Accord - Draenor - Horde is recruiting.

Who is Accord?
We are a group of like minded players all aiming for Cutting Edge. We believe in building players up and helping them reach their full potential. We have an active social side as well as multiple people running keys each day to lessen the need for pugs. We have a host of players at different skill levels from 1.3k IO to 2.3k IO

SoD - 10/10 NM
SoD - 5/10 HC
CN - 6/10M

Raiding schedule
Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday - Raid progress 20:00 server time - 23:00 server time with invites starting 15 minutes before raid start.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for DPS and DPS with Healer off spec Holy Pala and Holy/Disc Priest although all exceptional players ill be considered. Personality and you fitting into our community is as important as performance.

English speaking, and use of voice is expected.

Check us out here:

Apply here:

For additional information feel free to contact our RL on discord on Satorious#7910 or our recruitment officer Needlefire#8807