Red star (eu). stormscale. lf mythic raiders

Red Star is 10/10 HC, we farm it every week for the people who still need the gear; multiple high mythic+ key runners every day.
Trying to move onto Mythic progression but we need more people.
We’re English speaking but we have members from all over Europe.
Good players. ACTUALLY good vibes. Good democratic leadership.

We raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday at 7PM GMT/ 8PM server time til 11PM GMT/12PM Server time.
We have a discord server that will be provided if you end up joining.

All players above 205 ilvl considered even if we have to take you on a few HC/Mythic+ runs to get you the gear. Checking Armoury/RaiderIO but tbh it doesn’t matter that much as long as you are willing to listen and improve whilst having fun & abit of banter whilst doing it then you are always welcome.