Redeem a Call Of Duty code?

(Gothicca) #1

I have a code for a free copy of Call Of Duty (Purchased a HP computer)but I can’t redeem it here on my battlenet account.
It should be able as Blizzard work together with Activision.
Can’t find any forum here on Blizzard site.

Please help me to solve this.


Hello Gothicca,

You can see how to redeem codes here. However, I don’t know how that promotion you got works, so you might have to do something else to claim it; did it come with instructions on how to claim the code?

How’s my driving? Let me know!


Contact customer service here ~

(Gothicca) #4

I got it solved late this morning so it is solved now.


Great to hear it, thanks for the update :wink:

How’s my driving? Let me know!