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Greetings boys and ghouls, it is I!
A complete stranger who is going to tell you how I would change and make the story of World Of Warcraft better by writing it how I would.
Of course my superior imagination, for I have consumed the brains of many writers you see… Alas I did not manage to steal their spelling capabilities! So bear with me!

A short disclaimer. As you see, I am horde and I will admit my… Undying loyalty to my red Horde flag! For the Horde! For the Forsaken!

Now, there is not to much I wish to change, as I am quite fond of the story so far. But there are some things I would remove right away.

Void Elves, Clearly they do not fit into the alliance.
Now with the Light forge Draenei aswell… Do not tell me that those fanatic space goat squids would not band together with the followers of light whom see the void as heresy, I would much rather have added high elves.
And this is how I would do it.

It all starts after the burning of Teldrasill, The Alliance is in shock from the devastating blow, but things can not wait!
The dark portal reopen, (To our Outland that is)
The world is falling apart, smoldering into tiny pieces.

The horde is contacted by Rexxar to save his Ogre and half ogre Tribesmen.
And Thrall Trying to save is kinsfolk in Nagrand.

The alliance is warned by Prophet Valen,
The Draenei, Khadgard and the light forged Go to save the Naru, The Broken and the Draenei still on outland.

The Darkportal would now be a mega dungeon. (See Mechagon / Karazhan)
And the whole place would be on a timer, where you have to fight off fleeing monsters, void creatures ripping the continent apart and. Think Halls of Reflection from Wrath of the Lich King.
this would also have different paths fighting depending on your faction.
At the end of it you and your group are at the steps of the dark portal in Hellfire, as you can see the destruction coming closer, as the races you have saved flee through the portal. Alas there are less friendly creatures trying to get through.
Thrall, Khadgar, and the Vindicar ship to the light forge are fighting them of as a grand massive void creatures draw closer, you jump through the portal.
Thrall, Khadgar and the Vindicaar gets left behind and dies.

Now the light forged need an new home, and they move to settle with their Draenei brothers and sisters on Azurmemist Isle.
On completion of this The alliance gains allied race “the broken” And a new Naaru.
Rewamp of the Azuremyst isle where the 3 Draenei races make the isle into their crystalline Fortress isle, with the Naaru at the heart of their fledgeling new empire
A new power house in the alliance. ( I was wanting to have Tyrallion in here dying too, as I am sick and tired of the “human potential”.

The Horde gains Ogre as a new allied race, and they settle the boarder land between Barrens and Dustwallow marsh, Building a mean Ogre stronghold in the valley.

With Khadgar gone, Dalaran moves toward civil unrest and the elves in the Sunreavers are quick to move in for a power grab, still angry after the whole purge thing.
Jaina is having non of that, so she brings out her icy fury, backed by the High elves of Dalaran and the Not so special Windrunner sister who is neither dead or ate the heart of a void Naaru.
A short quest line showing the battle ending in a Cinematic in a duel between Rommath and Jaina, and I am sorry, but I want to see Rommath with his wrath of flame stand toe to toe with Jaina, No clear winner but the blood elves have to Retreat.
Alliance wins Dalaran, and the city is flown and lands in the crater of Theramoore.

The alliance is Reastablishing a strong foot hold on Kalimdor, And Dalaran turns into a human / high elf harbour city.

Now that Teldrasill is ashes, and Darkshore is a wartorn hellscape, the Night elves migrate too, alas they are a bit disillusioned with the alliance And moves in with Force to Feralas.
They retake what is now Dire Maul and build a new grand night elven city with repairing the ruins and purging the zone for Horde activity.
The Ogres flee and join the new Ogre Capital on the barrens Boarder between Dustwallow.

Now! Dustwallow becomes a very contested zone! The high elves have been working hard on the east side to make the place to their liking and have taken to use alot of nature magic, giving the new High elves druids (they would in lore be rangers that had adapted nature magic)

This gives us a new BG! The Ogre VS The Elves, I am thinking something like Alterac Velley, just a whole zone with alot of objectives.

I hope you guys are still with me, and if you are I am sure some of you are thinking, “what you mean you have Horde bias, you have just given the alliance two new capital cities and had them win important fights! Traitor you!”
And yes, yes I have, Only due to the fact that every victory the Aliiance have had since the Cataclysm has just felt hallow. Sure, the night elves won back darkshore… but what does that mean?! The Alliance also kinda won the battle of Undercity… But again… what does that mean? it is just a blighted hellscape now. When the alliance apparently brought the horde to its knees after Garrosh and it was said that it was a high five moment for the alliance… The Horde did not have to surrender land they won, nothing changed.

So I am giving the alliance some proper “hell yeah” moments here where they give us a bit of kick. they deserve it.

But here comes the horde victories… Basicly… The Forsaken just move and take over Stratholm, making that the new forsaken capital, Silvermoon is rebuilt and most of the north eastearn kingdom falls under heavy horde control, fortified and cut of.

Now this is what I really want to do!
Make them into questing hubs with world quests and dalies, like how Suramar used to be, make it feel like a proper lived in city. And not only would class quests make a return… But Racial class quests, and short story lines, where you get your Racial Class armor, See : artstation. com/handclaw/albums/all

Now, I am thinking this have to come with some choice, Lets say in new revamped Stormwind, you play a rogue, now you get the choice of joining the criminal underworld or become a elite assassin of the crown in SI:7
As a criminal you would get world quests or dailies like pickpocketing guards, or starting tavern brawls.
As a SI:7 you would try to infiltrate the gangs or spy on hidden cultist hidden in the sewers.

It would be like and Aldor / Scryer System
possibilities are endless!

Well, thank you for your time, have a good one.
With love, Redrict.

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