Reducing Frost complexity and bloat

Blizzard recently released this post, in which they say they’re happy with Frost’s gameplay and tree.

I much prefer this iteration of Frost compared to the overly simplistic Shadowlands iteration. However, I think the current iteration suffers from both button and complexity bloat, especially in AoE, and would benefit from landing somewhere in between now and Shadowlands.

Currently, in M+, the top build plays orb, comet storm, glacial spike, ray of frost, double lust, and shifting power. On top of that, your opener sees you press orb and comet storm twice, due to the cone of cold interaction. Add a weapon with an on-use effect, double on-use trinkets, and mostly proactive defensives and I find to be so many things at once that it has lost fluidity and become bloated and clunky.

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I dunno, I loved the simplistic SL Frost. There aren’t any easy specs like that anymore and it’s annoying.

Demonology and Beast Mastery are super easy and simplistic, though?

IMO PvP talent “Concetrated Coolness” should be a baseline for frost mages.
Maybe some burst spells should be reworked/updated becase is PvP all of them can be easily countered: GS, Ray - can be countered in all possible ways, Bomb - dispell, Comet Storm - it never hits enemy

I also don’t like the new frost mage. It used to be my fav spec because of its simplified rotation.

Now there are just too many buttons in especially aoe, it’s not that it’s any harder, just more buttons.

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Do you not love the very simple AoE Opener of Icy Veins>Trinkets/Weapons>BL>BL>Orb>Blizzard>Comet Storm>Cone of Cold>Comet>Orb>Blizzard>Shifting Power>Blizzard>Using Icelance Proccs>GS>Ice Nova for double Glacial Blast?

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This makes me want to lay down.

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I recently returned to the game and I knew before playing a mage what I was getting myself into as the rotation is bloated and over complicated however thought I would give it a go.

It’s not fun whatsoever, there are just so many buttons you need to press in order to be competitive , not to mention moving from a mechanic or applying a defensive pretty much seals your fate in terms of where you are on dps.

Why have they overcomplicated the class so much??
I don’t know any other class that has this many things you need to track or press, anyhow i’ve rerolled and am having alot more fun now. Just a shame as mages used to be fun to play…

It’s borderline stressful to play and unplayable if you don’t have weak auras too

It’s mainly just Frost tho, Fire as an example rotation wise is a joke, you litteraly just build up Heating Up then dump it into Pyro on repeat.

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