Refund is not working?


Long story short, I bought Shadowlands for the wrong region yesterday, trying to get a refund now, chose the category and when I click on the button “Continue” so it can scan if I can get a refund for anything at all nothing happens.
Problem could be that since I’m in EU it always drops me to the EU support page and that one works and tells me " None of your orders are eligible for refund". So I changed the address to US and that one is broken for me. The page loads, then refresh and that’s it. Tried different browser and different device, both got the same results.
Haven’t even started the game so it should be able to be refunded but… it’ll be pretttty challenging like this.
Already wrote to support but before I found out about this option so my ticket didn’t contain this problem and I have 3 days before the refund option is gone as far as I know.

You can add to your ticket easily.

I get this for the US site.

and it goes in circles.

I think your only option is to wait for the ticket and ask them specifically to process the refund.

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Thanks for the answer!

So I’m pretty new to this whole support page and just found out I haven’t even sent my first ticket lol. It was confusing, so I’m really glad you let me know about the editing, otherwise I’d be waiting for the answer to my ticket for decades…