Refund when server is down more than 24 hours

Does anybody knows how to go and ask for refund when the server is down more than 24 hours? My server is Razorgore in Europe.

As of yesterday, the process of consolidating multiple TBC Classic realms began, making those realms no longer available. This was announced in June and all the details can be found below :

Any characters that were still on one of these realms when they were taken down, will be automatically moved to a new realm, as outlined in the above post. They are not deleted or lost, but the process of moving the characters will take time and may be unavailable for up to two weeks.

Hey Xorthonus, I was planning to level my characters before WOTLK, 2 weeks completely ruins my plans, what’s the process of getting my money back and cancel subscription, I foolishly signed for 6 months so I shoot my self in the foot there thinking I would be able to play with my characters.

Hey Battlemind,

You would need to contact our Support Team so they can review the request for you.

Thank you Xorthonus, I’ll do that