Refusing to play in solo shuffle

How comes every single f.cking day I have to open a ticket - because someone refuses to play a round of solo shuffle just to int/grief on purpose. Not even playing badly : JUST STRAIGHT GRIEFING
And somehow, there is not a single penality
And reporting in game does not do sht
How comes, this dead unbalanced sht game, does not even apply penalty.
How f8cking disgustingly thrash did this game become ?


They don’t read these reports. If they did i would be perma banned at this point given how many insults i have put there.

man even in league it takes ages to get banned for griefing if we dont use the chat

do u think it gonna be quicker in wow :smiley:

Is this you lil’ bro?

You get banned huh?


But hey, you’re right. You did call me a lil’ sht. : ) You just forgot to add all the other stuff


Lmao it does seem like OP is the problem.


nahnah he’s a completely hinged and normal individual

That’s straight perma ngl


If the recent story where a SoD player got banned for the default name given to the pet ‘‘Carrion Bird’’ with the reason being inappropriate naming, is anything to go by, Blizzards reporting is 100% automatic/AI at this point

i guess u got him?, this happens when someone safe all screenshoots for the right moment :joy:

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Solo shuffle is at its worst atm. What you state is the main reason people are hardstuck within 0-1900 as playing in that range means one big gamble that has nothing to do with pvp. People afk, disconnect, leave and worst of all: healers just decide to not play when you make one remark as DPS because it ‘hurts their feelings’ and demand that they are treated as kings since they have zero queue time.

Then play a healer and be a king instead of complaining?


Hope they ban his a*s, that’s insane

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OP: why do people keep leaving the lobbies I’m in

Also OP: /w’ing players mouthing off, being racist, homophobic and downright toxic

Hmmmmmm, I wonder why no one wants to play with you? It’s a goddam mystery!!


bro in league that would be an easy perma lol

Let’s be honest, everyone here takes screenshot of such whispers and keep them for the collection. :joy:

It’s a reflection of the playerbase. With the screenshot posted go figure.


true xd

yeah, got alone for the N word a 1 week ban in league

Ah one of those, sits there and flames players in between games, then wonders why they completely disengage from participating and playing to their full capability in rounds with him on the team.

Strong and stable genius.

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lol you got him there.

his account also looks fresh i wonder if he got banned before and thats why :thinking:

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Uff thats some hard stuff too say, looks like a big ban inc

I mean i was getting salty in soloQ and stop it too save my insanity, i gues we found a person that dont know wenn too give up on something thats makes you toxic