Regarding our GCD's

Is it just me… or is our GCD and haste mechanic to such acting very wonky at certain haste Percentages? when i tried warrior and rogue it was smoot as butter to click buttons and the GCD went without a hitch? I know rogue has lower GCD by default, but not warriors?
plus it feels…wrong, as if you queue up an action, and it goes off when the gcd is ready again, causing you to waste 0.5 seconds because your attack is in “waiting” mode.

I dont know how to explain it, other than my own experience, above a certain haste percentage, time warp/ERW together it’s a non issue, but outside of that it’s…weird.

Interesting what you say, I find that my WA don’t match the actual gcd sometimes, so if I genuinely wait for the visual queue from the WA GCD instead of spamming as always I do way less damage.

Will pay more attention when I play other classes, see if I find any difference.

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