Regarding Tirion Fordring

(Araphant) #21

He deserves his rest.


Male human paladin

Nothing of value was lost.

(Kernns) #23

Was very happy to see him die.

(Erevien) #24

Get out of here scarlet zealot. Your crusade is gone.

(Elyssarain) #25

As do I. He is the hero we need in these dark times. Though Blizzard would inevitably character assassinate him with being ok with the Forsaken and Sylvanas somehow…again. That said, he is one of two Horsemen that I would trust to be free of the LK’s influence.

Just relax the guard around the tomb for one day and you shall have your Highlord back. No, not the guard, they were a speed bump last time. Get the spirits to take a nap. Then Tirion good as new…ish. Alternatively, the Deathlord could just accept my recommendation that we go after the lightly guarded tomb of Uther.

On second thought, given the nature of Liadrin and her ilk, we could probably just ask them to take the body out. Just say it was on Sylvanas’ orders.



Hold up. When did any Mograine turn evil ?

Do you mean how Alexandros was raised as a dead against his will ? Because he died fighting the scourge until his last breath?

Or do you mean Darion ( who was never a paladin ) who died as a sacrifice to save lightshope ?

Let me guess alive Sindragosa was also evil ?


HERESY! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to double post, but he might have been referring to Renault Mograine, Alexandros’ other son and former Scarlet Commander. Renault took the Ashbringer and used it to kill his own father, the act of which is what originally corrupted the blade. Kel’thuzad then claimed his corpse, thanks to an agreement pre-arranged with Balnazzar, and turned Alexandros into a Death Knight.

So yeah, Renault was pretty damn evil.

(Elyssarain) #29

Hey look, it’s a Horde paladin! Quite the oxymoron :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kernns) #30

Its still kicking you will see.

(Kernns) #31

Well, evil or have you seen the debated stuff?

In the comic the ashbringer while not told out right, there is hint that maybe Balnazzar may have been using magic on him just insights like “drink more of your tea” or Renault can have no visitors today.

Renault gets a bad rap and for good reason but beside above he was always treated second to his brother even when his life was in danger.

  • just to add he has shown up in the PTR Renault could be still alive.


I was talking about Renault Mograine


Renault wasn’t alliance


Well he was part of the silver hand

(Elyssarain) #35

Weekly reminder that Tirion is needed now more than ever. The darkness has never been so utterly consuming on Azeroth, except perhaps at the height of teh Lick King’s reign.


Tirion! We need you! Why have you forsaken us?

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