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I made a Char Pala last week and was astonished when I saw that “SPOILER” motherfking Tirion Fordring dies in the Ashbringer quest. I played the Legion introductory quest with 4 different classes and ofc i know what Gul Dan did to Tirion but i never had the impression that he died by that. And since now i found out that he is actually dead i wonder if i missed something in my Shaman/Priest playthrough or were the other classes not notified about his dead.

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nope only paladins and death knights lets you know ( DKs try to ress him as a horseman ) the other classes are busy with their own stuff so just assume him KIA


You learn a lot by playing through all the different routes. For instance, your Paladin lieutenants seem to decide not to tell the Highlord that the Ebon Blade attacked while he/she was away. Though Maxwell Tyrosus does hint that something is amiss during the quest to unlock the ‘Corrupted Ashbringer’ skin, saying that Mograine Jr. owes them for some unknown reason. And I really like that - the only way to get a complete picture of the Legion war is to play through each class and see how it all ties together.

That said… I got shivers during that quest chain. When you take up Ashbringer, only to be ambushed by Balnazzar who begins to hollow you out, mind, body and soul… Only to hear - “Highlord Tirion Fordring whispers: Give me the strength… to shatter these bonds…” BOOM! With the echo of those words, last said in the defeat of Arthas, the fel-chains shatter, the mind-control is abolished, and you arise; the Ashbringer.

Absolutely A+ quest writing right there.


I have to agree with you that this was such an emotional questline. But I really question Blizzards decision to let one of the major lore characters die without 90 % of the playerbase even knowing


I suppose they assumed most people would mark him for dead after Krosus shattered his divine shield and plummeted him into fel-lava. Tbh, I thought he was dead after that. And then I got super hyped when it was revealed that, despite it all, FORDRING WAS ALIVE?!

I slapped my head. Of course he’s not dead, he’s the worlds greatest Paladin! And then you, the player, take his place. Finally completing that Paladin class-fantasy. You are the Highlord, the Ashbringer, you are-

Apparently now killing all of your former friends and allies from the Silver Hand in BfA.

Ah well.


I was just confused why the mighty Tirion Fordring, wielder of the Ashbringer, Founder of the Argent Crusade and destroyer of the lich king passes his title onto a lvl 110 Zandalari Troll who does not really have a connection the the light

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You and me are nobodies and the Highlord is dead.

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Tirion Fordring. The man. The legend. The Paladin. The highlord. The MVP OG. THAT guy. The one and only human I would gladly take and accept as my leader.


What about Uther ?

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Full time alliance. Not worthy of my time. Still better than Scarlets tho.


I don’t know why but it feels much better playing as a pala on Horde side. Just look at important lore paladins of the horde like our Lady Liadrin and you won’t spot any sign of corruption. On the other hand you have the alliance with paladins who straight up turned evil (Arthas, Mograine, etc. ). Also important to mention is that with introducing Light Forged Draenei, alliance palas got such a weird image. I’m not talking about those loosers such as Yrel, Maraad, etc. , but about this whole nonsense with this Light-Demon Lothraxion, all Naruus and each and every member of the army of light.

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Because she got redeemed by those loser draenei? Liadrin was burning churches before that. I mean, I was a blood elf during the Burning Crusade. Fel corrupting Uther’s tomb was also a nice element of non-corruption.


It’s not just about Liadrin. Just look what happens to most alliance palas, such as Arthas, Uther, Mograine, Bolvar, Maraad and many more.

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I don’t see a point to be honest. The paladin culture is predominant in the Alliance. That’s like me saying “look at what’s happening to Horde shamans, look how Alliance ones are pristine.”

More population, more corruption. Simple as that.

I also do not understand what’s wrong with Bolvar, Maraad and Mograine (Unless you are talking about the Scarlet Commander)
Bolvar sacrificed himself for Azeroth, Maraad died to save innocents. Uther also died a hero.

Not to mention that the blood elf paladins you enjoy now are literally copy-pasted human doctrine in a red package with Sunwell decoration.

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i still wanted to have undead tiron as a horsemen though :confused:

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No. :angry:

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NO! angry grunting

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It was such a waste of a iconic character just so that we get the Ashbringer.

A terrible story choice by Blizzard.


Why not ?
Why no undead tirion :confused: