Rejoice, 3v3 is alive

I feel the problem today quing into rated arena is the playerbase not the game, but it doesnt mean that the game cant help fixing it.

same for 3v3 if you have this elusive thing called a friendslist

same as above

same as above once again, and even if u dont oftentimes applying and joining a group into instant queue and playing is infinitely better than waiting 30+ minutes to get trolled

someone call a detective, the word “variety” got murdered. unfortunately this isn’t true either. 3v3 has a bunch of variety, a lot more than solo shuffle. if anything half of the solo shuffles these days are just x3 melee + 1 ranged victim or x4 melee and x2 fotm healers or x1 fotm healer and 1 healer who gets to be 1-5 or 0-6

i havent heard anybody say that they learned anything from shuffle, except how to get banned from flaming or how to get a mental breakdown in real life from getting trolled

try hards? u mean ppl who want to play the game normally? how does this work with ur 5. ?

here ill fix it for you:

  1. Playing with people you know aren’t idiots
  2. Yes, communication
  3. Being able to tell a teammate about a mistake and not making it again next time instead of being scared of being banned for saying " Hi "
  4. Playing with classes which are good with your class or enable your class
  5. Playing with a healer you know isn’t trash (or playing with a dps you know isn’t trash)

Yes, there is a reason. It’s a combination of people being lazy sociopaths and people who want to zugzug do their PvE rotation on players instead, because there is literally nothing else in Shuffle. What’s even the point of even quing it over other brackets if you just turn brain off and press dps rotation like in a M+ dungeon?

Yes, the LFG system is bad. But if you find people to play with or already have them, it’s not even close. Think about it. If you had to choose between:

A) Logging in and having 2 people to instantly start playing with and have fun
B) Logging in, sitting in a 30 minute queue just so Timmy the Ret paladin doesn’t press bubble in your team 2 times, then your healer not pressing something, going 1-5 for no mistakes

Which one do you choose chief?

Must be why every 2nd thread on the forum or complaint on twitter is about it, and why no healers want to play it because every lobby has at least 1 dps who trolls them

I’m at 2700 MMR playing no voice.

Inflation has been there for ages, time for WoW players to stop being delusional and coping so hard.

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You keep mentioning it like its easy to find good players at your level that play at your times, this is hard stuff to find that, its actual work. Specially with the lfg as it is. Players in this game are probably at late 20s to mid 30s, if you are not a bum than you dont have time to make “online friends”, you have work (wich shuffle is great for home employees), maybe wife and a kid. So when you log in at 20:00 and have maybe 2-3 hours to play you rather shuffle.
Also pvp is a competitive mode so i understand why most players act that way in lfg (1.8k looking for glad xp).

This is the biggest lie out there. The comps in 3s are scripted, eve on lfg they type “lf viable”, its the same comps all the time, u most likly to never see a dk with boomy and a resto shaman. You will never encounter this stuff as well. Shuffle has much bigger player pool and much more classes veriaty.

I do tens of shuffles a day and i countered almost anything possible, some more than others due to meta, but compared to lfg this not even worth talking about.
Same for healers. Some times they are better sometimes worse, this improves with mmr.

This gets better too. But yes shuffle players are alot of zug zug and not trustable.

A) is rare, you are dreaming, the reason people asked for solo que for ages is because it’s hard to find players to play with and sometimes you just dont want to.

Like it or not, solo shuffles are a blessing for pvp and everyone plays it from new players to r1, its easy to get introduced to pvp, gear up, and play. If you dont care about glad, no reason for rated arena. Login and play.

dont know about 3s but i just did 8 games on 2kmmr in 2s and every match were against teams of 2.7k xp ppl with mglad, its not inflated

last games row with a rog i added from lfg who is same exp as me from sl and df and even tho we won all our games we agreed its too sweaty for the rating were playing and i added the guy, the ladders are still very much of no worth imo

i dont want to play vs 2.7k ppl with mglads from so low onwards even if im 2kmmr, every round is sweaty and u gain 22 something for your win, not interested to sweat this much for rivals personally the brachet is very much deflated and dead when everyone and their nana plays only shuffles

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I wish this felt that way for me, I’ve been memeing around 1.6/1.9 with friends who just want to grind CQ at all times of day and from the grimey deeps ive seen multiple “crimson legends” who just tunnel vision with basically 0 cc set up. I refuse to believe match making is ammended to any amount.

Atleast for 3s the mmr seems fine for the small amount i que with irls during a week. Also 2s hasnt really been that bad from my small sample size, but could also be that i’m mostly just trying all kinds of specs, and really plays with just about anyone who asks no matter what their cr or exp is. But it shouldn’t be too bad for people to reach their desired rating now with a little effort put in. This is from a super casuals POV.

Got glad and stopped at 2.5 playing no voice :grinning:

Finally arena is playable for good players, not only r1s, dh is totally right, its nice to play now

Augmentation is really bad for the game …

Arena is in a really bad state now with all the cheaters, Augs, low mmr (2.7 for R1 still low) …

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Yes LF viable means your class can play with multiple different comps. Very few classes are limited to playing only 1-2 comps.

For example for DK I have Faced:

DK + Aug
DK + Hunter
DK + Warrior
DK + Feral

The comps above can work with almost any healer as well. Faced all those comps at 2.4 or above in 3v3.

Some classes have even more comps. For example Warrior.

You can see comps like:

Warr + Enh Shaman
Warr + Ele
Warr + Ret
Warr + Aug evoker
Warr + Mage
Warr + Shadow priest
Warr + DK
Warr + Boomy
Warr + Destro warlock

So u call that lack of “veriaty” ? It’s funny how you still can’t write variety properly.

I think it’s more fun to play DK with a premade Windwalker, grip 2 ppl and have 3 enemies stacked, 3 man Leg Sweep, kill everyone. That’s a lot more fun and easy than playing with some random Mage in shuffle who knocks away your kill targets, sheeps them to full hp and removes your dots, and dies in the end with no Ice Block used ^^

Good for you. I hope you enjoyed when some random shuffle druid cycloned your kill target. When teammates randomly die for no reason. Must be so fun.

It’s only a blessing for hardstuck rival players who just do their PvE rotation on players and don’t have 10 minutes of time to spare to watch a video on how to play their class better.

But you do you. Everybody can enjoy what they want. I have multiple “casual” friends who play at lower ratings and they hate shuffle because they are trying to push rating but get sabotaged by their teammates all the time.

It’s different when people don’t understand WHY they lost though. I imagine at low rating people are just like " oh he died, that’s too bad, next round " and don’t think things like " i could have saved him and then won if i pressed this spell for him "

People who want to push will push. People who want to do their M+ rotation on low rating and kill players like dungeon mobs can also have their fun. And people who just come to the forums to complain how bad the game is when over half the reason they hate the game is because they don’t play it and don’t want to improve. It’s a choice.

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dont be naive, when people write lfg viable they mean LF meta viability, also there are like 5 lfg groups in each rating range, and 3 of them are 2s LF healer.
if you see a feral he will most likly wait for a hunter and not a dk, if you see a mage he will most likly wait for a caster/rogue combo, this is very specifiec.
I always match up against warlock/sp/heal, dk/dh/heal, rogue/mage/heal.
solo shuffle switches yours and the other teams comp ever round, you cant even try to compare 3s comps you counter to solo shuffle, i dont see your point on even trying.

it happens, but i rather sometimes suck it up than play, sometimes i also get carried by a someone nuts, sometimes healer is full blue clueless. still having fun.

first of all, there are probably much more rivals than glads on pvp so thats more player pool. second, i hope you are having fun flexing on new players trying to pvp which is actually what keeps pvp alive, without these rivals doing pve rotation there will be no new people coming to pvp.

on the end of everything, people play what they like and what is more comfortable for them to do, this forum viewers are like 0.1% of the community, and solo shuffle has wayyyy more success than 3s and 2s atm.

you will be amazed that people actually want to improve. that might not be easy for everyone as it is for you, but again, they are the reason there are still ques, you should thank blizzard for introducing a way to lure people into pvping without having to deal with LFG as newcommers.

Who is naive? You have 12 games of 3v3 this season. Why are you even on my thread? Go queue your poker simulator and leave the thread already. All those comps are viable for DK, and all those comps are viable for Warrior, those are ALL META COMPS.

What is specific? Mage can play with like 7 different other DPS classes. It’s a player preference. ALL META VIABLE COMPS for pushing Glad and higher.

Then keep quing and pray to god somebody carries you out of Rival, and leave my thread because your opinion means absolutely nothing when you have 12 games played the entire season.

If you wanted to improve why do you have 140 shuffle rounds for 5 months?

Why do you think queues are 30 minutes when it’s the most popular game mode? Because the game mode is a joke for every healer, getting trolled by idiot DPS who don’t press CDs and high dampening making healing 0 after 2 minutes.

Yeah, great game mode, now please see the door.

why are you so mad? poker simulator? why are you flexing? this comment is the exact reason people dont play 3s, this attitude.
also, why do i have only 12 games out of the tens/houndrend of rounds i already played on 3s? thats exactly my point.

you mean out of all the 1 dks on lfg he can pick so many? just wow.
usualy there are like 5-10 groups on lfg for MY bracket at 1.8k and they either look for healer or not interested in 1.8k without glad xp even tho i que for 1.8k. so good luck.
even M+ meta game has more options than this rated pvp lfg joke.

nah i dont pray for this, i only play for shorter ques, but if im suck from long ques i just hope on my healer and insta que. I’m having fun learning and expecting to get better next matches, and hopefully get a better lobby next time.

well, my opinion probably represent the majority of the pvp community at the moment, since there are way more players under 2.4 than gladiators who feel the same and play shuffles.
i dont understand how your comments went from easy chill dude giving some interesting points to flexing on pvp beginners who give you the actual prespective of new pvp players.
if you think the glad+ players will go to 3s, you can watch streams, they are not interested in it, they also shuffle.

hmm… exactly by keep doing this? playing? should i apologize infront of your highness that i have life and this is what my time gets? if yes, than i’m sorry.

I agree that blizzard should fix how healer benefit from shuffling in a different mannor than dps, i bet they know that too and i hope they will do something about it soon.
its much more frustrating as a healer, and the rewards (which are actually alot better than dps) is just not enough.

I’ll be gladly out of this toxicity pool, feel free to comment to me since I do take this game for fun and dont warry I’m not really offended by your replies so I will comment back to you if you actually want to keep discuss this.
otherwise, gg, i made my point.

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agreed. Shuffle is the now and the future, the same will happen to Solo RBG as well once its fully implemented ingame.

this is how lfg looks when im pushing a fresh rdruid, geared, got some rating (1.5ss, 1.4 on 2s and 800 on 3s). signing into “earn conquest” 500 rating group.
Maybe I’m the weird one, but this is insane for me, but the solution is? solo shuffle.

That do not look like “earn conquest” group though? Looks more to me like a group that wants to push some rating… maybe. Not sure after looking at the mages armory unless the person enchanted everything.
There is a “earn conquest” further up in your list though.

You keep forgetting about mmr. If high expd people sitting on 800cr, it’s highly unlikely they have similar mmr, usually it’s a lot bigger, and their goal is to convert it to cr fast. If they take low exp player, go to play on pretty high mmr, lose because player doesn’t match skill, they just waist time losing mmr value just to grind it again later

i get it, but thats why lfg is not a very friendly system for new or low rated players, thats my point.
and low rated players are a big player base

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