Rejoice, 3v3 is alive

That’s right, theres a bunch of not-so good teams quing even at 2.4 now.

At this point the bracket has inflated quite decently and I would recommend anybody who had some seasonal goals to push in 3v3, now is the time.

I mean, of course you can wait till season end is announced and go the last 2 weeks, but it won’t make a big difference with right now, trust me.

Drop those Solo shuffle 30 minute queues, park your 15th alt for next season and start pushing boys. Can genuinely say queues are fast and the only obstacle is finding people to queue with. If you care about it, invest a little bit of time to search for people and starting pushing, play good comps for your class.

If anybody is unsure what a good push comp for their class is, reply to the thread :slight_smile:

Just a positive post for everyone, best of luck! :+1:

P.S: Remember to report all the Ele shaman botters <3

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idk why but first thing i think of these is bait :smiley:

why would someone advertise 2/3s as good when theyre on life support since shuffle

bate as trying get ppl inflate 2/3s for own gain which i can respect but even if i did respect the hustle and kept quiet i know it wont last aslong there is shuffle vacuuming big chunk of bottom of the pyramid so i would like more long term solutions into future of wow pvp than trying bate people into some brachet for short term gain

Alythena, I don’t want to be rude, but you have 6 games the entire season.

Let’s please use constructive opinions when we know what we are talking about :slight_smile:

Because otherwise it just looks like something a forum complainer would say. No offense.

Yes, 3v3 is definitely a lot more alive now.

Inflation has kicked in, even games at 2.5 aren’t full of multi r1 boosters or such.

Saying this from the perspective of somebody with thousands of games. It is okay if you don’t want to play it or don’t like the current system, but there’s no need to come bashing everybody’s thoughts about it.

i think you need check again, ive played entire season since start with 8 chars, both shuffle and real arena

sorry i dont support your bate on hustling people into 3s but like i said i would want see more long term than short term solutions than this type scam

i could be 2.4 if all the people ive healed through today example in shuffle would move into 2s and i could spam ques with mate and farm these ppl who have zero exp but the fact is they arent moving to 2/3s they continue spam shuffle and make life miserable for heals

only way you will make 2/3s good is when shuffle is removed hence as it vacuums big chunk of the pyramid from playerbase and big part of it happens to be just the people who act as cannon fodder to the normal arena ratings

If you said this a month ago and before, sure. Not right now though.

What does this have to do with other brackets? There’s plently of good DPS players to heal for 2v2 and 3v3 if that is your concern, a lot of people are looking for healers.

I mean I generally agree with your viewpoints and I also dislike Shuffle, but what I am saying is that currently pushing is definitely possible for whoever wants to do it.

For a healer especially. So many broken Resto druid comps, if that is what you play.

i mean i couldnt care the least if you would be rude or what you call of me, your pixels in internet, the fact of the matter remains that 2/3s are deflated and will always be aslong shuffle remains.

you will never get arenas into same state as they were before shuffles because simply big part of the casuals will never go there anymore

why you think people spam twitter and awc to inflate ratings, it aint because “3v3 is so good” they spam it cause game is ruined and blizzard isnt doing nothing about it

That’s my point.

It isn’t deflated. Not anymore. 2.4 games contain people who should be at that MMR now. Not multi R1 3.6 players.

Yes, it won’t be as alive as before, but it’s definitely good enough right now to push in.

At the end of the day what matters is that you are lets say a 2.1k player and you want to reach 2.1k again. And you do. That’s it. That is possible right now. Same for 2400, 1800 or whatever other ratings you have previously reached.

literally 3 hours today looking, everyone perma challengers with negative wins for low ratings which i wont heal as i can do that in shuffles.

nobody sane or who is any good at the game uses lfg for 2/3s as of now simply because they play with bnet and the brachets are dead and you see mglads stuck on 2.3

Well let’s separate the topic, hmm?

I made this thread for 3v3.

I don’t know what’s going on in 2v2, and franky I don’t care much, because at a certain point it just becomes an extremely boring bracket of 15 minute games at higher rating, which get decided by dampening.

A friendly reminder that 3v3 is the only rated arena bracket which isn’t decided by dampening ^^

yea well i said my piece, i think its either bate or wishful thinking of saying that any normal arena brachet would be good :smiley:

i want the guys who dont bind half their buttons and are now found entirely shuffles, i want those guys in 2/3s, i dont want to do 8min round vs meta comp of buddys who know what theyre doing before trying push past 2.1 and thats the only ppl left playing real arena the rest spam shuffle

there is no good options left on the game anymore by blizzard its all bad, you have shuffle and all the versions of classic divide playerbase and then people that want you to believe 2/3s are still good :+1:

im not going into 2/3s as of now, i wait on the end of season like half playerbase, good luck with this bate or not :smiley:

Na they are all just good at the game especially the newcomers with only 2k av´s :joy: Reporting already Pokemons on cd

i think it will if my maths are right, current r1 is 2754 i think maybe it will go up to 2.940 at the end of the season

keep in mind the “mmr increase for each week is still in the game” so 18 cr per week

but yeah, to push rating now is allot easier, compared to 4 Months Ago

I dont mind, removing Aug evokers from the game

I was almost 2.3 mmr 2 days ago. Inflation is there.

you forgot that to go in 3s you need a team
quing for 3s I feel like the fat mid 30s me trying to hit on a 20s semi dressed hottie in a night club.
i’ll keep on solo shuffling thank you sir.

And that’s completely fine. You do you.

Yup. And in a game like WoW, you kind of need friends in order to really enjoy the game. But you can’t just be served friends on a platter ^^

Everybody has the right to queue whatever they like. It just hits different reaching your goals and getting some “gz bro” 's from your friendlist and just mindlessly tilting over randoms in Shuffle just to get some rating achievement that you can’t even share about, cause of an empty friendlist.

That’s my take of course.

Some proof by somebody who actually plays the game more than 3 hours per week ^^

reasons to play solo shuffle:

  1. you play at your own time.
  2. you can log in and play. (even with alts!)
  3. more accessable and no need to wait for ques in lfg.
  4. more veriaty and versatile comps and stuff to learn.
  5. different matches teach you to evolve different skills.
  6. you can ignore chat and try hards.

reasons to play rated:

  1. more communication
  2. gladiator

I’d say there’s a reason there are by far more players queing for solo shuffles.
its just better atm.

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Hard to disagree with that chief ^
Biggest issue with solo is bad comp matchups for your class (cleaves or counters)
and the queue times

3v3 is nice on comms but LFG finder sucks and a lot of the community have egos and cba to stick out some losses for small reasons

If you have a stacked friends list or regular reliable partners to play with, of course 3s will feel the superior mode for you

you see that as an issue, i see that as versatile, fun and teaching moments.
sure it can be sometime irritating to go against cleavers or counter comps, but you cant expect 100% pure winning fitting comps, that can happen in rated arena too.

exactly, and there is 0 blizzard accountability for it, luckcly they made solo shuffle to overcome it :slight_smile:

I can relate to playing with friends can be more fun if you can fit your timings and needs.

this made me chuckle. You won’t be able to teach people in shuffle, not realistically. I’ve tried to give basic pointers and been told to stttfu haha :joy:

Shuffle should have come eons ago. Like MoP era

Yeah for some they’ll prefer it. I think eventually you’ll see a mount reward added to RSS
It’s inevitable

I ment that people learn by themself thru these moments. I learn to control my class a bit better every time I have a hard game. I bet you do too.

I would love blizzard to find a way to make 3s more welcoming to less xped players, since solo shuffle give you alot of XP, lfg players still want your glad xp even you are quing for 1.8k. I’m doing pvp my first season and 1.8k is really a joke, you just need brain and to understand the game, maybe watch some streamers or guides.
maybe a system like “recruit a friend” but “recruit a pvp friend” and give rewards.
just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

it was the case in Legion, when the Game was more “Simple” and Healing also way more Newbie Friendly