<Rekruination> Recruiting for HC/Mythic Raiding (8/8HC, 2/8M)


For a bit of a change of pace to all the CE mythic recruiting, we need a few more people to fill out a more relaxed roster. The core of the guild have been playing together since BC/Wrath with mythic raiding experience and are UK based, we’re just going more casual this time (down to 2 nights raiding) as we’re older now with full time jobs/kids etc. We’re expecting to get curve and possibly the first few bosses down on mythic, but we’ll just do what comes naturally with no pressure.

2 fixed raids per week: Mon & Thurs, 8pm to 11pm server time. Alt runs will be ad-hoc if enough people want to run them.

Currently we’re looking for healers, and have a couple of DPS spots (any class besides hunters please!)

Feel free to message me on bnet (Goldsnake#2187) or discord (Goldsnake#1586).


Still looking for a healer

Still actively looking for those elusive healers as we start progressing mythic now that Raz is down

Post is still live and we are still looking for healers, but all are welcome to apply as well

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