Relaxed 1.5hour clears - [A][EU] [Server: Judgement] [11/11] -Content on farm -

Core is an English speaking Alliance raiding guild on Judgement. We raid 3 times a week. When it will be required.

Current Progress:
10/10 - 1/1
Currently running through Mc & Onyx. At every reset.
Doing multiple teams of Onyx & Mc. Every reset.
Still searching a few exceptional players to join our ranks.
Preparing for BWL - 9/10

We are currently recruiting the following classes for The Roster:
Always open for all exceptional players! - contact me or any officers, if you think you have something to bring us!
Do not be afraid, we are willing to accept, fresh new wow players as well. We are mature and willing to teach as long as you are active.


  • 4 furry warriors
  • 3 holy paladins
  • 1 mage
  • 1 Rogue
  • 2 resto/feral druids

Our raiding schedule is:

  • Sunday: 19.30 - 23.00 Second Mc team.
  • Wednesday: 19.30 - 23.00 First Mc team.
  • Thursday: 19.30 - 23.00 (server time) - (optional) When Required.
  • [Raiders +] Req Wed/Sun.
  • [Social +] Sunday Mc
  • Onyx will be cleared every reset at Wed/Sun depending on the reset schedule.

Raids & loot
We do use the old school DKP system, we do redo the system in time to time, together in the guild in an open debate, to fit new content.

Who are we
Core is a highly organized community, we do have many years of wow/Irl leading experience. Our first goal is society, we want long-lasting members with long-lasting friendships - we rather want a social player, willing to learn how to play the game, ower the most elite. Our goal is not to rebuild our raiding team tomorrow - A good steady raiding team takes a long time to build. Therefore we are searching for friends who are willing to join our community. Since the rebuild of our guild at classic release, we have improved significantly in our raids due to the leader’s willingness to teach, and the members to learn. And our bond is growing even more. We treat each other with respect, and also the entire server. We are focused on our guild reputation inside and outside the guild.

What we offer:

  • A structured raiding team and raiding times. We start invites 18:45 and heading to the zone so we can have the first pulls at 19:30
  • A steady guild with a good community and good guild atmosphere. You may encounter some trolling during your stay.

What we want from you:

  • High attendance. We expect a minimum of 80% attendance, though most of our raiders have near to 100%. We want to be able to rely on you.
  • Commitment. We don’t want someone who is looking to join, get geared and then leave. We have a 3-4 week trial period during which we will control gearing while we get to know you.

For more information you can add an officer to chat:

Bobokrull: Raid leader
Murlin: Raid manager
Emham: Hunter class leader
Sidra: paladin class leader
Satiraz: Warrior class leader
Lathund: Druid class leader

Add me on discord for further information

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