Release time in EU

It‘s earlier than we all expected^^ thanks Blizz:)

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This is pretty early by Blizz standards. I always liked the late night releases there is something special about them. I know its not ideal because of work and I have had to miss a couple of launches, but I would never want it to change.

See you all on Thursday night!

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All they did is move it forward a few hours, no real biggy.

So instead of 00:00 it’s 22:00.

It is a biggy, 22:00 is prime and queue will be worse than midnight.

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Nah not really… a new launch will be loaded with queues no matter what time it is.

I disagree, since most people need to work on Friday.
And 22:00 is a much better time for everyone to show up.

So many people will log in just to reserve their name so the queues will be huge in my opinion. Much bigger than the HC launch at least.

I dont understand people´s frustration with the release schedule. Nobody forces you to instantly play it when it comes live.

And as far as i know, the release was always build around the US people.

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French and German servers ?

1 European RP-PVE server at least?

Kinda messed up that the servers launch so late in the evening. A lot of us have work or school. Why not keep US/EU/Asia separate?

I want to play. Not just log in, reserve my names, and then play the next day.

It’s FOMO.

Well that sucks

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