Release time in EU

Will SoD launch on midnight thursday - friday?


Probably, they are still to give the exact date and time. You can assume Friday morning or later if the launch goes bad.

I would assume something like 6 or 7pm cet similiar to diablo 4 on thursday,
Or 2am on friday.

Classic Releases in the past couple years have been at 00:01 CET, which means it will launch midnight on Friday, December 1st.

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Warcraft releases are at 00:00 CEt and 23:00 GMT, so it should be 00:00 CET 1th December which is 23:00 GMT (Zulu) 30th November.

The last SoM released at 3pm PST


Realms will open at 1:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, November 30.


Time Date Timezone
21:00 Nov. 30 GMT
22:00 Nov. 30 CET
23:00 Nov. 30 EET

Sorry honey, here we go again

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At least unlike Australia, we have a launch date that exists

Btw when did we have 31 november as a date :slight_smile: it’s 30 november or 1 december.

This is great, I live in the Netherlands and I took thursday off from work to play all day! And now it releases at 22:00…

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It was to be expected for their US-timezone-managed releases, not to mention launch problems.

Atleast you can prepare perfectly. Prepare food and sleep for a couple of hours before launch.

I was hoping it would be midnight release so I could sleep a little longer after work before the start. :wink:

They’ve been launching at these near midnight times at least since Classic. That’s why on every launch “event” I’ve done so far, I’ve only ever played about 30 mins on launch night (being in Greece it’s even later for me) :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you manage to move your day off to Friday!

As always Blizzard annoying people…

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I remember when TBC released waaay back when, and you went to the store and stood in a queue for an hour waiting for the clock to strike midnight, and the doors would open.

That event was epic, and that was in a small town here in Sweden, alot of strangers with one common passion. Alot of familiar faces that you had no idea was playing the game.

Why are people so bothered by a late launch time? Nothing new.


Thank you Blizz <3

Is this the first time you are playing any expansions the last 10 years or so? Ever since boxed games was out and downloading was the norm, they always had it release in the evening in Europe.

cause all the peasants are off work and can play and clock up the zones, duh, atleast back then you had to go out and get the game. i mean for most of us its barely a “november 30tt” release, should have start at 0:01 PST and then work it around the clock.

There has not been an early EU release in, how long?
Whoever took 30th off to play, deluded themselves if they expected to play the entire day.

Just out of curiosity, did you want the release to be 22 hours earlier or 2 hours later?

That’s practically Friday.

Thanks, I guess… :rofl:

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