<Relic> Acquisition of new members (Recruitment Thread)

Information about us:

The Horde is a relic of the past. Relic is that which defines the future. In Relic, we are what we would define as a semi-hardcore guild and you’ve all heard that over and over again. However, what it means for us is that we recognize people have a life outside of WoW but we remain steadfast in our core principle that we shall clear whichever content is relevant. The majority of the guild is also avid PvP’ers and we’re certainly looking to be active both in world and battlegrounds whenever they arrive.


In Relic, you can expect a compelling raid environment due to the competitive nature of our members and the guild in its entirety. However, we also look at WoW as a game you play with friends & friends banter and joke around with one another and this is more than welcome, even encouraged because it creates a familiar and relaxed atmosphere within the raid.

During raids, we utilize a fair as can be loot-council that rewards attendance, performance & contributions to the community of the guild, socially as well as helping guildies in need of assistance.

At the moment our raid times are as following: Wednesday & Sunday 19:30-23:00 Server time with the occasional raid of Onyxia which we try to align with the raid days as much as possible
What we expect of you is simple, adhere to the code of conduct of the guild. We value input that you may have, be it about raids or guild management as a whole. We also expect you to come prepared for raids quite rudimental stuff in all honesty.

We are currently 10/10 MC 1/1 Onyxia not that it should really impress anyone but we have it on farm and are currently recruiting members for a 2nd raid group and for this we’re looking for every class at the moment except for tanks.

Further questions can be directed to Thorlagon here on discord, as well as in-game under the same name :slight_smile:


Everyone in this guild is super chill (except Thor he’s a bit stalkerish, I think he’s in love with me). Raids are well managed and fun.


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