Relic Hunters are recruiting!

Once again, we seek some very exceptional players.
Raid nights are monday-thursday, pull at 20.00, finish at 23.00.
Our doors are open to social members, of-course, but if you’re looking to go the next level and you think you have what it takes, please let us know!
Join us and prosper!

Contact me (Sonum) in game, or via discord: Slate-Sky#9976

All the best to you and keep forging on!

1 Mage+1 Warlock/Mage/Hunter

LF 1 Paladin+1 Dwarf Priest

Melee DPS
LF 3x Rogue/Fury Warrior.

We’re always looking for aspiring and exceptional players!


Great time to give raiding a go, with AQ on the Public Test Realm

The name made me think this is a based Explorers League RP guild… I’m disappointed. :frowning:

You guys should RP. That’d at least do the name justice imo.

Yeah, i can see the name coming off like that, but we’re a raiding focused guild.

Not Hostile to RP or anything like that, its just not what we came together to do.

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