<Relic Hunters> has cleansed the evil from Blackrock Mountain: Nefarian is dead!

Hear me fellow citizens of Azeroth!

The evil living inside the highest peak of Blackrock Mountain has finally been destroyed!

We have killed the known leader of the black dragonflight: Nefarian, son of Deathwing!

His head will be proudly delivered to the authorities of Stormwind and hanged tomorrow evening, come witness it and share the victory with us!

For the Alliance!

A gnomish snapshot taken after the battle: i.postimg.cc/54yPbpQr/Wo-WScrn-Shot-021320-040212.jpg


It was a fun and satisfying raid despite 2 bugs wiping us twice! Now iā€™m off to get some dinner from mcdonalds since i forgot to eat before the raid!

was a damn nice run guys \o/

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