Remember Dizzybint and her husband? Playing Classic? Remember me?



I’ve seen a few posts on the Classic forums about Horde PvP realm guilds and the odd Alliance PvP one, but I’ve not seen any PvE realm Alliance guilds planned.

Are there any groups from Al’Akir planning to form a guild on the Alliance side of a PvE realm? Is there anyone still from the guild run by Dizzybint and her husband?

I am eager to make new connections and, whilst unlikely, possibly reconnect with people who I might have lost touch with accidentally over the fourteen or so years almost since I started my journey.

Whilst only 33, I have the memory of an 116 year old so please forgive any inaccurately recalled information.

I started my WoW journey in 2004 about a month after launch I believe it was, and I originally played on Nordrassil as Cernunnos, a Night Elf Hunter Herb/Alch. After a few weeks I found out that there was a sort of hidden community at work that loved WoW and I rerolled an identical character using the same name on Al’Akir to be with them.

I remember playing in a raiding guild with ‘Dizzybint’ and her husband for a long time (the lady from work who actually introduced me to WoW). She had many alts using the ‘Dizzy’ theme and we spent a fair amount of time together as a guild.

When the guild sort of died after a while I started again on a new server, just before TBC released (I remember going through to Outland on Darkspear so I must have left by then). I didn’t like PvP and had only picked Al’Akir to be with my work friends, and so I rerolled on Darkspear. Everything afterwards is kind of irrelevant I guess so I’ll edit it out.

So, are there any PvE Alliance guilds planned for Classic, particularly from Al’Akir and anyone from the raiding and PvP guild run by Dizzybint and her husband? I think I want to rediscover every square millimetre of Azeroth at my own pace socially before getting into raiding again.

Anyone from the old days who might remember me?

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