Removal of wow tokens

Just heard the news about the big sale and I was thinking about the changes that will affect the players.

I dont talk about changing the laucher or smt like, I talk about a brand new sub system.
What about a total removal of the wow token? I see MC have their own sub system, similar gift cards but i am not sure they will let players to play their game free. I also want to mention that I don t even know if till now Blizzard have earned more money with the token than without it.

What if they remove the option to pay with gold? I see a lot of people leaving the game, a lot of youtubers loosing their job, also for good alot of boosters wont be avaliable anymore. With one word a big part of WoW will die since everything is compared to the token. Players make gold to play, as simple as that.

How do you feel about this. Maybe I miss something and probably this is the way the token works and how Bliizard make money from it. However i still think that there is a chance the new owners to remove this option to play free.

What would you do if you were on the spot of MC about this?


Wow token was added to counter the players who bought gold from websites and then had their account stolen.


Wow token was added to increase profit


not only people wich bought gold got their account stolen. Goldsellers also often hacked people to steal gold so they could sell it


Honestly I have a very big idea for wow token, WoW and everyday life in general. I hope I will post it in a few days. This thing can change everything, but have patience and I’ll write it all out.

Well if you’re Microsoft and you just bought Activision Blizzard, then you probably bought them because you want to integrate them into your eco-system. The Xbox Game Pass.
That’s the door that Microsoft wants their customers to go through.

And in that regard it doesn’t really make sense for Blizzard to have their own isolated eco-system with a backdoor that gives access a single specific game of theirs. Then the customers aren’t really going through the Xbox Game Pass door, which is probably the whole point of the company acquisition in the first place.

So I do imagine that the WoW Token and the balance and Blizzard App will change form in some way or the other.
Blizzard basically has to integrate with Microsoft and Xbox, so changes will happen on Blizzard’s end.

Sure man, looking forward to it. Nice timegating. Can you post one idea every weak for the sake of immersion? Thanks

People who bought gold for virtual game were and are sick from their heads.

Sure, afterall we are always timegated in the game, have to keep the immersion alive (even on the forums), right? :sweat_smile:

Such cynicism - why do you even play WoW…?

Cause I like timegating and buying achievements, M+ runs and heroic raids progression with my credit card. God I hope Wow Token stays so botters have a reason to play and we don’t have a reason to farm

Yeah, nice we finally have it on forums now. Hopefully xbox team listens to community :slight_smile:

Wow token will stay because its profitable for all parties.

Party 1 pays gold for it for gametime or bnet features/games

Party 2 pays money for that gold, in other words, party 2 pays for gametime of party 1, and company doesn’t care who pays for who as long as money is generated

Party 3 is company and u can see how its profitable


WoW Token is the worst thing ever added to the game, but it makes loads of profit, it wont go away.

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I agree with you, which is why I’ll be converting my ingame gold to subtime and balance shortly. I don’t think MS will want to deal with WoW token drama.

We can only guess at this point , but i doubt they will remove wow tokens for obvious reasons stated above they hit 3 birds with 1 stone . Most mmo-s added in-game shops because they work .

Why would anyone change things that work , wow token has never been a problem except for some radical players ( the ones that think they know everything cause they play the game ) .

why would they buy something for $70 billion and then make changes that will make them less money?

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I find it hard to believe the WoW tokens are anything more than a line item. They may remove it (or restrict it) because they will be putting WoW onto their platform, game pass, and it would be anomalous to have a means of earning game pass balance from playing one of the games (the balance people have with blizzard will have to be honoured though).

I don’t know though! Maybe they won’t care, maybe they will look at the WoW token and see it as the way forward for more games. All I’m really saying is that its at risk.

If they don’t add another way to convert IRL money to ingame money.

That would be end sub for me.

Jumping the gun much ?? Nothing is certain and like others stated, it’s cold hard cash for the company, so i doubt it. What i do hope, is that they change engines. Would love to see WoW on unreal 5.