Remove auto quest tracker

Hi. How do you remove the automatick tracking of world quest? It bugs me that a world quest automatically pops up on the right side of my screen when i fly around a WQ, but cannot figure out how to disable that feature…

You can’t. Blizzards munificent wisdom.

There may be an addon that hides it tho.

Personally, I use Keliel’s tracker as a replacement for the quest tracker which allows WQs to be removed from the list completely if you want.

You can also completely hide the tracker using console commands, but be aware that it is linked to the Mythic+ timer so you’d need some sort of replacement (such as Mythic Plus Timer) if you wanted the functionality back.

If you just want to get rid of the tracker entirely you can use the top command below.

Console commands:

/run ObjectiveTrackerFrame:Hide()
Will hide the tracker, replace with Show to get it back.

/run ObjectiveTrackerFrame.HeaderMenu.MinimizeButton:Click()
Will toggle the dropdown as if you pressed the button, can be useful in macros or when the button is covered with other ui elements.

Thanks for your input. However, it’s handy to have up from time to time, its the fact that world quests i’m flying over automatically pops up on my screen that really bugs me :slight_smile: Oh well, I might test some quest tracker addons. Since Blizzard in their infinite wisdom removed the option to controll this…

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